PolicyTracker Research Service now includes 5G mmWave licence data
Aug 13, 2018 by PolicyTracker


Tags5G, mmWave, Spectrum Database

For many years our Spectrum Database – part of the Research Service – has recorded details about licences in mobile and wireless broadband spectrum up to 3.5 GHz.

With 5G commercial deployment expected later in the year we have now included mmWave licences in the Database, showing ownership, frequencies held and prices paid in a range of countries.

We also categorise the licence types, and pulling all this information together raised an interesting question. Some licences can be used for 5G services immediately: 28 GHz assignments in the US and South Korea are examples of this, as are some recently auctioned 3.4 GHz-3.8 GHz licences in Europe.

But in which countries can existing licence holders deploy fixed or mobile 5G in their mmWave spectrum? We know of only one that has given this commercial certainty:  the US. This has made them a leader in the field, an issue discussed in detail here.

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