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At PolicyTracker our mission is to explore the latest debates in spectrum management and policy and since 2004 we have been publishing the only newsletter devoted to the subject (ISSN number 2515-2939). Together our team has more than sixty years experience in the field.

Our key value is impartiality.  Many groups have a legitimate interest in the use of spectrum: from huge mobile operators and vendors, to public broadcasters and the emergency services, right down to radio amateurs working in a bedroom.

We are an independent company, not affiliated to any of these interests. In our news articles, in our Spectrum Research Service and in our training courses we cover all the relevant viewpoints, analysing the underlying issues such as economics, business models and wider political objectives.

Our services help inform the professional decision-making processes in the spectrum management community. Accuracy and an understanding of current debates are our key principles in trying to achieve this goal.

We have agents representing our products in Ireland, Japan and Korea.

Policies and legal documents relating to the use of our services are below: