Researchers discover how to 3D print radio spectrum
Apr 01, 2014
by PolicyTracker

Scientists can now say with confidence that the spectrum shortage is no more Read more...

Press release: MEPs agree multi-billion Euro boost for mobile operators
Mar 19, 2014
by Martin Sims

Requiring member states to retrospectively extend the term of mobile licences would be good news for operators. Read more...

UK wants more spectrum sharing
Mar 13, 2014
by PolicyTracker

The UK's new spectrum strategy says the country's government is aiming for a “gradual move away from exclusive use to shared use of frequencies”. That process is unlikely to be straightforward. Read more...

Have lawyers captured the regulatory castle?
Feb 26, 2014
by PolicyTracker

Telecoms firms have always been a litigious bunch. In Austria last year, they called in the lawyers to fight the terms of the country's spectrum auction and then challenged its outcome when it was over. The terms of the Czech auction were also challenged. Read more...

Is Licensed Shared Access ready for take-off?
Feb 25, 2014
by PolicyTracker

Or will the fledgling regulatory regime be indefinitely grounded? Read more...

What comes before a fall?
Feb 06, 2014
by Martin Sims

Pride, according to the proverb, but for politicians dabbling in spectrum management it's interfering with independent regulation which seems to precede their demise. Read more...

Incentive auctions: only in the US?
Jan 29, 2014
by PolicyTracker

The US makes a big announcement on incentive auctions tomorrow (Thursday) but will this innovative new format catch on elsewhere? This seems doubtful. Read more...

Broadcasters bet on the bottom line
Jan 23, 2014
by PolicyTracker

TV delivers more bang per bit than mobile according to....well, that would spoil the surprise.... Read more...

Will trading ever cross the pond?
Jan 15, 2014
by PolicyTracker

The new year has begun with two large secondary trades between US mobile operators. Will trading increase on the other side of the Atlantic this year? Read more...