Bespoke research and consultancy

| Martin Sims

Does your organisation need specifically researched information about a spectrum-related issue? PolicyTracker has unique experience of spectrum policy and management issues worldwide and our consulting arm can provide research tailored to meet your requirements.

Why spend hours finding and decoding obscure documents when our researchers may have read them already? Why waste time seeking data for cross-country comparisons when we may have it to hand? PolicyTracker's research services can save you time and money. We are rigorous and impartial with skills based on decades of experience in analysing the sector.

The right hand column gives more details about some of our recent projects. We have also been part of consortia proving consultancy for regulators around the world, including the European Commission, CST in Saudi Arabia and the Communications Commission of Kenya

Recent clients

  • KDDI Research, Inc.
  • European Commission
  • CST, Saudi Arabia
  • Communications Commission of Kenya
  • Spectrum Management Authority, Jamaica
  • Toyota
  • Nomura Research Institute
  • Foundation For Multimedia Communications
  • Orange
  • Mitsui
  • MLL Telecom

Research topics

Our recent research reports have covered the following:

  • Evolution of wireless spectrum
    • Licensing models for 5G spectrum bands
    • Dealing with mobile licence renewal
    • Prospects for mmWave 5G
    • Low-frequency spectrum for the IoT
    • Regional survey of frequencies supported for IMT
  • Spectrum valuation and auctions
    • Usage and pricing in 450 MHz
    • Auction strategies of major international telecom carriers
    • New research on spectrum auctions
    • New approaches to auctions in the 5G era
    • Valuing the 26 GHz band
  • Spectrum sharing
    • Licensed shared access and dynamic sharing
    • Lessons from sharing regimes worldwide
    • Effectiveness of use-it-or-lose-it and use-it-or-share-it provisions
  • Wireless technologies
    • Planning for 6G
    • National 6G R&D programmes
    • 5G private networks
    • Mobile infrastructure sharing
    • International comparison of public WiFi services
    • Green initiatives in spectrum policy
  • Other
    • The future of terrestrial TV
    • Satellite and space spectrum strategy in major countries
    • Spectrum for intelligent transport systems
    • Developments in spectrum monitoring

Although we are providing a unique, niche-market service our prices are highly competitive with those of general telecoms research houses which do not have access to the same spectrum expertise. Our global clients for customised research include: mobile network operators, regulatory authorities, equipment vendors, vertical players such as automotive manufacturers, banks and investors.

To find out more

Please e-mail Martin Sims martin [@] or phone +44(0)20 7100 2875 for an initial discussion of your requirements.