Verizon policy overview: 5G is their priority

By the end of the year Verizon is promising to launch the first US commercial 5G network for fixed broadband services, followed by mobile 5G services next year. This may not be the world's first 5G commercial network  - both Finland and Qatar have claimed that prize - but their… Read more...

Facebook policy overview: HAPs, sharing and using spectrum above 95 GHz

Facebook may no longer be planning to build its own high altitude battery-powered gliders, but it remains committed to HAPS and this is the main theme of its WRC-19 lobbying. The HAPs strategy is part of the company's drive to connect the developing world and this commitment also motivates their… Read more...

Viewpoint: US 5G gamble pays dividends while other countries procrastinate
Aug 13, 2018
by Martin Sims

Two years ago the US agreed the rules for 5G deployment and Verizon is promising to launch services this year. Elsewhere,  except South Korea, regulations have not been finalised and commercial services are not expected until at least 2020. Has the rest of the world got it wrong? Read more...

PolicyTracker Research Service now includes 5G mmWave licence data
Aug 13, 2018
by admin_pt

For many years our Spectrum Database - part of the Research Service - has recorded details about licences in mobile and wireless broadband spectrum up to 3.5 GHz. With 5G commercial deployment expected later in the year we have now included mmWave licences in the Database, showing ownership, frequencies held and… Read more...

Google policy overview: unlicensed, sharing and unused satellite registrations

Each year we consider how the spectrum policy priorities of the leading industry players has evolved, and our latest examination of Google's activities shows it continuing to promote unlicensed spectrum, sharing and dynamic spectrum access. Recently the company has focused on the 3.5 GHz, 6 GHz and over 95 GHz… Read more...

September training course: book now and save £250!
Jul 31, 2018
by Training blog

As 5G moves from laboratory to deployment our forthcoming Understanding Modern Spectrum Management course is an ideal opportunity to get the latest thinking from industry experts. It gives a comprehensive overview of the technical principles of spectrum management as well as tracing the developments which underly recent policy changes. It features… Read more...

26 GHz: Will one gigahertz be enough for 5G?
Jul 30, 2018
by Manuel R. Marti

Earlier this month, the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) officially agreed on the technical conditions to harmonise the 26 GHz band (24.25–27.5 GHz) in Europe for 5G. And yet a growing number of stakeholders have been raising concerns about the difficulties of manufacturing chips that can operate on 26.5 GHz frequencies.… Read more...

5G verticals: never has a collective noun been so uncollective
Jul 16, 2018
by Martin Sims

The English language has endless fun with collective nouns. A herd of buffalo is an obstinacy, a group of owls is a parliament, and a superfluity of nuns also appears in dictionaries. But maybe our eyebrows should be raised still further by a new entry to the canon: 5G verticals. Read more...

Improvements to Spectrum Research Service email updates
Jul 02, 2018
by admin_pt

To keep subscribers better informed about the work we are doing in the Research Service, we are improving our email alert service. We want you to receive emails on the areas that interest you and be able to opt out of the services that don't. So Research Service subscribers will… Read more...

Is the tide turning against auctions?
Jun 29, 2018
by Richard Handford

Will 2018 will be remembered as the year when auctions passed their peak? Or maybe government and regulators are simply learning how to blend financial requirements with other criteria in more creative ways when they award spectrum? India, for example, noted for repeat auctions and eye-watering reserve prices, appears to be… Read more...