Policy Dossiers: a new addition to the Spectrum Research Service
Apr 30, 2020 by Spectrum Research Service Blog


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Our Dossiers give an overview of current high-profile policy debates. We split the topic down to a handful of key issues, analysing stakeholder perspectives and identifying the key events which have shaped policy development.

Each Dossier is a portal for our knowledge on the subject, highlighting new events as well as the underlying long-term issues. We also offer Trackers, helping you to monitor the development of this policy area.

Our current Dossiers cover:

More will follow in the coming weeks.


The Spectrum Auctions Dossier


The Spectrum Research Service also includes:

  • Spectrum Database: over 4,000 licences and allocations worldwide
  • Spectrum Dashboard: powerful visualisations and research notes
  • Auctions Tracker: a searchable database of upcoming spectrum release
  • PolicyTracker Newsletter: organisation-wide access

More details are available here.

Existing PolicyTracker Newsletter subscribers can access the Dossiers by taking a trial of the Spectrum Research Service.