Policy Dossiers: a new addition to the Spectrum Research Service

Our Dossiers give an overview of current high-profile policy debates. We split the topic down to a handful of key issues, analysing stakeholder perspectives and identifying the key events which have shaped policy development. Each Dossier is a portal for our knowledge on the subject, highlighting new events as well… Read more...

Automatic trial of Spectrum Research Service for Newsletter subscribers
Mar 26, 2020
by PolicyTracker

As you may know, PolicyTracker’s Spectrum Research Service has now been running for five years and has over 500 subscribers. They get access to our extensive library of Research Notes, analysing the key spectrum policy issues and assessing the strategic positions of all the major stakeholders across the mobile, satellite and… Read more...

WRC-19 makes a new possible 5G band: 10 – 10.5 GHz

When the world's regulators met in Egypt last year to discuss the agenda for WRC-23, it was widely thought that there will be a discussion of potential IMT identifications in frequencies between 3.3 GHz and 24 GHz. As with every compromise, not everyone got what they wanted. The satellite and… Read more...

PolicyTracker Spectrum Database: population density tabs
Oct 26, 2018
by Chetan Chauhan-Sims

The PolicyTracker Spectrum Database now includes figures on population density, both in overall national terms and in categories which correspond to settlement patterns such as rural, urban or dense urban. This article explains where the data comes from and how it has been calculated. Read more...

An overview of spectrum database features
Aug 07, 2018
by Martin Sims

About the tabs; manipulating the data and using the filter function. Read more...

5G and mmWave bands in the PolicyTracker Spectrum Database
Aug 03, 2018
by PolicyTracker

The database has been updated to reflect the ownership of licences in potential 5G bands. Some existing licences can be used for 5G and some cannot, depending whether the service is fixed or mobile. A further complication is that in some cases a minor regulatory change would allow 5G deployment.… Read more...

SRS: Spectrum Research Service: methodology for diagrams
Sep 27, 2017
by PolicyTracker

This article explains how the data in the Spectrum Research Service is collected and the parameters used to create the diagrams and tables Read more...

My password email hasn’t turned up!
Feb 23, 2017
by Martin Sims

First please check your spam filter to see if the password email is thereIf not please check the email to which the database was attached Was it sent to the email that you normally send from?e.g. you may get emails for david@????.com and david.smith@????.com but if you send from "david"… Read more...

Do I need to enter my ID and password each time I use the database?
Feb 23, 2017
by Martin Sims

Please re-save the database from the original email into your chosen location and go through the password request procedure again. Once you have access click "save" as an added precaution then close the database. Reopen the database by double-clicking on the file in its chosen location and it should open… Read more...

Using the MHz per pop sheets
Feb 23, 2017
by Martin Sims

The MHz per pop data is contained in this sheet: MHz PER POP  Historic exchange rates or current exchange rates? The MHz per pop sheets show both  a historic figure using the dollar exchange rates at the time and a current figure, using  this year's exchange rates. Depending on the… Read more...