Major PolicyTracker Spectrum Database update now available

The latest iteration of our global database includes nearly 200 new or updated entries.

| Richard Haas

The latest quarterly database update has now been published. It includes data for new spectrum auctions that have occurred in the past three months, as well as significant updates to pre-existing entries.

In the past three months, a total of six new assignment procedures were recorded in Argentina, Australia, Colombia, Latvia, Moldova and Poland.

In these awards, the 3.5 GHz band proved the most popular. The important 5G band has now been newly assigned in Argentina, Colombia and Poland. Meanwhile, Australia and Latvia have bolstered their available spectrum in the band, increasing the amount assigned by around 300 MHz.

Taking advantage of a relatively quiet spectrum assignment period, PolicyTracker has also made significant updates to pre-existing entries.

In particular, our entries for licences in Algeria, the Bahamas, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, Trinidad & Tobago and Turks & Caicos have been updated to reflect the latest information.

Following better data availability provided by the country’s regulator, we have also added completely new assignment data for Costa Rica, a country which was not previously included in the database.

In total, nearly 200 entries have been added or updated with new information, taking account of spectrum renewals, re-assignments, mergers, re-brandings and more.

Number of spectrum assignment entries updated per country (Source: PolicyTracker)

PolicyTracker is striving to continuously improve and refresh our industry-leading spectrum database. Soon we will be launching wider improvements to our data services on the PolicyTracker website. These features will make it easier for subscribers to explore detailed spectrum data on a country-by-country basis using interactive charts and tables.

New intuitive features are being rolled out gradually. We launched the first one—the ability to search, filter and export consultations and auctions—last week.

The PolicyTracker Spectrum Database tracks allocations, assignments and prices paid for spectrum. It is available in Google Sheets, as an Excel document, and on our interactive web-based database. It is updated quarterly and is available as part of the Spectrum Research Service.

By | Richard Haas
Richard is a journalist and analyst at PolicyTracker. Apart from writing about spectrum policy news, his main responsibilities include maintaining the PolicyTracker Spectrum Database and the 5G Observatory website for the European Commission. Richard is fluent in English and German.
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