A bumpy road ahead for spectrum sharing
May 22, 2014
by PolicyTracker

While many engineers and academics in the spectrum field believe that some form of spectrum sharing is the only way to meet future requirements, not everyone is always convinced. Read more...

Telecoms regulators rebuff the Commission’s spectrum proposals ahead of the European elections
May 21, 2014
by PolicyTracker

Eurosceptic politicians are expected to make big gains at the European elections this week, but they are not the only ones criticising Brussels. Read more...

Extending mobile licences: a bird in the hand…
May 21, 2014
by Martin Sims

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,” says the old English proverb. To put it less elegantly, this means a certain benefit is better than a greater benefit with an element of uncertainty. Read more...

Could “Wi-Fi onload” help to avert the spectrum crunch?
May 15, 2014
by PolicyTracker

Or is it just another way of saying that a fixed line operator has become an MVNO? Read more...

Spectrum shenanigans could slow the pace of consolidation in Europe
May 01, 2014
by PolicyTracker

The domino theory was very popular in its day. Much cited by US policymakers between the 1950s and 80s, it speculated that if one state fell under the influence of communism, then the surrounding countries would inevitably follow in a “domino effect”. Read more...

More unlicensed spectrum in the 5 GHz band will be a long struggle
Apr 22, 2014
by PolicyTracker

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has just released part of the 5 GHz band, but in Europe a similar process is likely to be a marathon not a sprint. Read more...

Researchers discover how to 3D print radio spectrum
Apr 01, 2014
by PolicyTracker

Scientists can now say with confidence that the spectrum shortage is no more Read more...

Press release: MEPs agree multi-billion Euro boost for mobile operators
Mar 19, 2014
by Martin Sims

Requiring member states to retrospectively extend the term of mobile licences would be good news for operators. Read more...

UK wants more spectrum sharing
Mar 13, 2014
by PolicyTracker

The UK's new spectrum strategy says the country's government is aiming for a “gradual move away from exclusive use to shared use of frequencies”. That process is unlikely to be straightforward. Read more...