Every European Digital?
Jun 02, 2011
by Richard Womersley

Can spectrum bring broadband to every European citizen? Probably not! Read more...

Global Spectrum Database: June 11 update
May 31, 2011
by PolicyTracker

The latest edition of the Global Spectrum Database, the ultimate reference source for mobile and wireless broadband frequencies, shows operators keen to pick up extra spectrum for new and existing services. Read more...

Spectrum auctions
Apr 19, 2011
by Martin Sims

It is a perpetually fascinating subject: what spectrum should be released; when and how? Read more...

Incentive auctions show mounting pressure on broadcasters
Apr 19, 2011
by Martin Sims

Ten years ago few would believe that broadcasters would soon be giving up large sections of UHF to the mobile community: but that's what's happening in many countries around the world. Read more...

PolicyTracker’s adventures in mobileland
Apr 18, 2011
by Martin Sims

Why did we decide to take our site mobile? You may find the answer curious. And curiouser... Read more...