4G TV interference: not guilty or is the jury still out?
May 17, 2013
by PolicyTracker

Is this the beginning of the end of our worries about interference, or just the end of the beginning? Read more...

Editorial: the return of the telecoms cash cow
May 14, 2013
by Martin Sims

Politicians should be taking a long-term view rather than thinking that spectrum auctions can replace state-owned telcos as a cash lifeline. Read more...

Press release: PolicyTracker warning over 4G auction proceeds proves correct
Feb 20, 2013
by Martin Sims

The amount raised was the average of our upper and lower estimate: much less than the government's projection! Read more...

3G & LTE: How much spectrum do you really need?
Jan 15, 2013
by PolicyTracker

Everyone knows that mobile broadband traffic is going through the roof. So how much spectrum do you really need? While spectrum policy and regulation is constantly being developed, debated, and revised this simple question – oddly – seems to go unanswered most of the time. But the answer can certainly… Read more...

Is the radio spectrum a six-dimensional problem space?
Dec 20, 2012
by Richard Womersley

There have been a myriad of attempts to define spectrum usage and spectrum rights. For fun(!) I have been trying to bring these all together into a single framework for defining interference and, by dint, sharing. The result appears to point to the radio spectrum being a six-dimensional problem space... Read more...

Does the Hewlett Packard saga hold any significance for the mobile space?
Dec 03, 2012
by PolicyTracker

The recent set of events related to the Hewlett Packard acquisition of Autonomy seems to have little relation to the mobile and broadcast worlds and their future use of spectrum (for an in-depth briefing paper on HP fortunes to date, with its main product segments and analysis of future possible… Read more...

Press release: University tries discredited legal route to make journalist reveal sources
Nov 12, 2012
by Martin Sims

St Mary’s University College – which runs journalism training courses – went to the High Court today (Monday 11 November) to try to force a reporter to reveal her sources using a legal method condemned by the European Court of Human Rights. The target of the action is a not-for-profit… Read more...

Press release: Spectrum sharing is vital to reap the benefits of using 700 MHz for mobile
Oct 19, 2012
by Martin Sims

Releasing a second tranche of TV spectrum for mobile use in EMEA could have unexpected impacts on associated sectors like advertising, broadcasting, web services and the tablets and e-reader markets, according to a new report from PolicyTracker Read more...

Press release: TV white space industry set to accelerate from 2014
Oct 19, 2012
by Martin Sims

2014 will be a defining year for the emergent TV white space industry, a major study by global spectrum management specialist PolicyTracker has concluded. Read more...

Laying the groundwork for future UHF success
Jun 21, 2012
by Richard Womersley

Is now the time to take a step back and re-consider not just the 700 MHz band plan, but everything from 450 to 960 MHz? Read more...