A new course: Regulating Competition in Mobile Markets, London, 5-6 June
Mar 14, 2019 by Training blog


Competition is a vital element in regulating mobile and spectrum plays a key part in creating the right environment, This course is designed to give a thorough background in competition policy, explaining the latest approaches and how these evolved. It uses a series of global case studies with a particular focus on the EU regulatory framework.

Competition is seen as ensuring the maximum consumer benefits, but can you get too much of a good thing? Some claim it can discourage investment and create wasteful duplication of infrastructure.

Regulating competition in mobile markets considers how to balance the pros and cons in competition policy. It takes a detailed look at the engineering issues, particularly the effect on costs and spectrum efficiency as well as an equitable approach to spectrum holdings.

Topics include:

  • The role of spectrum in competition policy
  • Overview of EU approach plus global case studies
  • Are rival infrastructures wasteful?
  • Can a competitive environment be investment-friendly?
  • Tensions between competition and productive efficiency
  • How competition law is applied in the telecoms sector
  • Concepts of dominance and significant market power
  • Margin squeeze
  • How convergence challenges established thinking
  • OTT services and network neutrality
  • The EU market review regime


The course is delivered by two expert trainers, Tom Kiedrowski and Roberto Ercole, who have worked for competition regulators across several sectors and have backgrounds in competition and telecoms policy, engineering and spectrum policy.

Other benefits include:

  • Opportunity to network with international colleagues
  • Comprehensive pack of learning materials
  • Bush House: historic central London location
  • Online booking and discount for early registration

This course is suited to anyone wanting to understand the latest developments in competition policy, whether their background is in spectrum regulation or other related fields at a regulator or in the commercial sector. 

Price, booking and venue

The standard price is £1200 + VAT  but there is an early bird discount of £200 for delegates booking six weeks in advance. Delegate fees include lunch but not accommodation.

Employees of non-UK governments do not have to pay VAT: full details on the back page of the course brochure.

Regulating competition in mobile markets will be held at Bush House,  44-46 Aldwych , London WC2 4LL.