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Spectrum sharing in space could prove controversial at WRC-19
Nov 07, 2018
by Dugie Standeford

The rapid development of sub-orbital technology means that space flight will soon be a reality, the ITU says. Read more...

Researchers propose establishing a mmWave spectrum access club
Nov 06, 2018
by Toby Youell

Three academics have suggested to US regulator the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that it authorise mmWave spectrum access as a golf club might manage its membership.  Read more...

Mario Maniewicz elected as ITU-R director
Nov 05, 2018
by Manuel R. Marti

Officials from the Americas region secured the leadership of two out of three Bureaus in the ITU elections, which were held during the first week of the organisation's 20th Plenipotentiary Conference in Dubai. This is the first time candidates from the Americas have secured any of the three top jobs since… Read more...

The 700 MHz band is still unavailable for mobile broadband in many Asian countries
Nov 02, 2018
by Richard Handford

Many countries across the Asia-Pacific region are still waiting to see the benefits of the digital dividend, available through the sought-after 700 MHz band.  Read more...

South Africa to finally auction 700 MHz, 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz spectrum
Nov 01, 2018
by Dugie Standeford

With a settlement of the dispute between the South African government and spectrum regulator over plans to auction 700 MHz, 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz spectrum agreed at last, the country plans to move forward quickly with assigning some spectrum to a wholesale open access network (WOAN) and auctioning the… Read more...

Focus on mmWave bands is problematic, says ITU boss
Nov 01, 2018
by Manuel R. Marti

Speaking at a recent seminar, the soon-to-be former director of the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau Francois Rancy said that the current focus on millimetre wave (mmWave) spectrum was "problematic" because it won't help improve coverage in areas that need it.  Read more...

RSPG: Our 5G work is done
Oct 31, 2018
by Manuel R. Marti

Jonas Wessel, chair of the EU advisory body the Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG),  told a recent conference in Paris that the group’s work on 5G is completed and that it is now up to stakeholders and investors to make the most of the technology.  Read more...

ITU Plenipotentiary Conference to elect next ITU-R director
Oct 29, 2018
by Toby Youell

Francois Rancy, the current director of the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau, the executive arm of the ITU Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R), is stepping down after two terms in the role. His replacement will be elected at the ITU’s Plenipotentiary Conference, to be held in Dubai for three weeks starting today.  Read more...

FCC to create new 6 GHz unlicensed band
Oct 25, 2018
by Toby Youell

The Federal Communications Commission has agreed to publish a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that would allow unlicensed use of the 6 GHz band. The band, which is also being studied in Europe, is widely seen as the world’s next major band for unlicensed applications.  Read more...

Spectrum assignments need a rethink, say academics
Oct 24, 2018
by Manuel R. Marti

Recent outcomes in European 5G auctions have raised alarms in the telecoms industry and spectrum assignment processes as we understand them today could soon be a thing of the past.  Read more...

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