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What more can Europe do about spam?
May 13, 2005
by admin_pt

The commercial sector is casting a critical eye over the EU’s anti-spam legislation, which has now been in force for more than 1000 days. Some new proposals are on the table but implementation is far from easy. Read more...

Competition tribunal asserts authority over Ofcom
May 12, 2005
by Website author

The UK regulator, Ofcom, has been stripped of the freedom to set its own timetable for re-investigating competition cases. Read more...

Powerline technology enters last mile
May 11, 2005
by Website author

The European Commission has made a recommendation aimed specifically at broadband over powerline communications (PLC) systems but rumour mongering continues to hinder widespread adoption of the technology. Read more...

Crunch time for 2.5Ghz
May 05, 2005
by Website author

Lobbying campaigns are intensifying as Europe’s regulators prepare for a meeting crucial to determining future allocations in the 2.5 Ghz band. Read more...

Let’s put things into perspective…
Apr 28, 2005
by Website author

Dr Thomas W Hazlett, former FCC chief economist and leading US expert on spectrum policy, tells PolicyTracker that the currently fashionable commons approach has more limitations than uses. Read more...

Spectrum register entry sparks false alarm
Apr 22, 2005
by Website author

Since spectrum trading was introduced in the UK at the end of December the radiocomms industry has been keeping a close watch on the Ofcom website, looking out for the signs of the first trade. Read more...

Looking to the US
Apr 19, 2005
by Website author

The imminent arrival of UWB devices in the US consumer market has intensified pressure to finalise a European regulatory approach. Read more...

Regulation on the brink of revolution?
Apr 14, 2005
by Website author

The implementation of Europe’s now not so new regulatory framework could be stifling competition given the recent rapid changes in the way that voice is delivered over networks. Read more...

NGNs: risky investment or commercial imperative?
Apr 12, 2005
by Website author

To achieve the Lisbon agenda do we need a rollback of telecoms regulation to stimulate investment in Next Generation Networks? Read more...

Hoping for too blue a sky?
Apr 07, 2005
by Website author

Making any sort of prediction is notoriously difficult but given the dynamic and volatile nature of mobile telecommunications the task set for the Institute of Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) was bound to attract a mixed response. Read more...

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