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MEPs debate spectrum policy
Oct 02, 2006
by Website author

A hearing on spectrum policy is being held at the European Parliament tomorrow evening (3.10.06). Read more...

Spectrum usage rights debate inches forward
Sep 28, 2006
by Website author

UK communications regulator Ofcom is planning to use one of its upcoming auctions to trial the introduction of Spectrum Usage Rights (SURs). Read more...

Trading will not bridge the digital divide
Sep 27, 2006
by Website author

A technology neutral approach to spectrum licensing is popular in Africa but there is little appetite for full liberalisation. Quite right too, says one of Europe’s leading liberalisers. Read more...

The FCC “TV Whitespace” controversy back under spotlight
Sep 26, 2006
by Website author

In May 2004 the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) made a controversial proposal to better utilise the broadcast spectrum which never saw the light of day. It has now resurfaced and here former FCC employee, Michael Marcus, examines the detail. Read more...

National security impacts auction outcome
Sep 22, 2006
by Website author

The US Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) Advanced Wireless Service (AWS) auction closed this month with T-Mobile topping the bids at around $4.2 million but revenues generated may have been dampened by national security concerns. Read more...

All eyes on Europe’s double D
Sep 20, 2006
by Website author

The European Commission (EC) has been feeling its way in the dark as it moves to define a policy for future use of the digital dividend. A tentative position is emerging, but some stakeholders wonder if Commissioners are dreaming. Read more...

Critics unconvinced by FCC “white space” plans
Sep 15, 2006
by Website author

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced plans for unlicensed devices to gain access to the coveted television broadcast spectrum below 900 MHz, but is this anything more than a ploy to appease Congress? Read more...

South Africa aims for 2010 digital kick off
Sep 14, 2006
by Website author

The World Cup is driving South African policy makers to quickly define a strategy for digital migration with an unofficial target for dual illumination of the two networks set to begin in 2008. Read more...

Spectrum auctions: beware the minefield
Sep 12, 2006
by Website author

Thinking about bidding for one of Ofcom’s upcoming spectrum auctions? Be warned - it is more complex than it looks. Read more...

NextGenTel wins Norway’s 2.3 GHz auction
Sep 08, 2006
by Website author

It took a day and 16 rounds to conclude the Norwegian 2.3 GHz auction. NextGenTel made the highest bid forking out EUR 850 000 for its licence to use the frequencies 2301 to 2323 MHz. Read more...

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