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Portuguese operators spar with regulator over 5G spectrum auction
Apr 14, 2021 by Manuel R. Marti

A Portuguese spectrum auction has turned the country's leading mobile operators against the regulator Anacom.


Dutch government hit by legal challenge over 3.5 GHz auction
Apr 13, 2021 by Manuel R. Marti

Inmarsat has launched legal action over the Dutch government’s plan to auction 3.5 GHz spectrum. The satellite operator currently uses the band for maritime safety services. 


Wi-Fi 6 and 6 GHz spectrum expected to spur global Wi-Fi boom
Apr 08, 2021 by Dugie Standeford

The emergence of Wi-Fi 6 technology and the growing availability of 6 GHz spectrum for licence-exempt use should provide a huge boost to Wi-Fi services worldwide, industry stakeholders say.


Does spectrum policy have an environmental dimension?
Apr 07, 2021 by Manuel R. Marti

In the second of a series of articles about "greening" the telecoms sector, we look at which spectrum policies need to be re-examined in light of their implications for the environment. Here we explore the role of telecoms regulators, unlicensed spectrum and 6G.


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