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WRC-19 decisions pave the way for the potential use of 26 GHz for 5G in India
Jan 09, 2020 by Dianne Northfield

India's space agency failed to get its sought-after strict limits on mmWave 5G at WRC-19, but it may get its way in its home country.


New Zealand to use short term licences to resolve 3.5 GHz dilemma
Jan 08, 2020 by Richard Handford

New Zealand is to auction 5G frequencies in the 3.5 GHz band early this year although the winners are only entitled to hold the frequencies for two years, a shift from the government's previous policy. 


Brussels airport to get its own private 5G network
Jan 08, 2020 by Manuel R. Marti

The main Brussels airport is building its own private 5G network in a move that it says will increase operational efficiency, along with the safety and reliability of its communication systems. 


Globalstar and Nokia target private LTE networks in Africa with S-band spectrum
Jan 07, 2020 by Dianne Northfield

The partnership is the latest development in Globalstar’s ongoing repurposing of satellite spectrum for terrestrial mobile services and adds to Nokia’s growing list of private LTE network deals. 


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