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Vendor profiles update: a wide range of 6 GHz views
Jun 10, 2021
by Toby Youell

The ITU-R's Director, Mario Maniewicz, channeled the spirit of former US President John F Kennedy at the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance's Global Summit this week. "Ask not what spectrum and satellite orbits can do for you, but what you can do for spectrum and satellite orbits", he told delegates. His hope… Read more...

Decade-defining moments for spectrum policy
Dec 30, 2019
by Martin Sims

What were the key events which shaped spectrum management over the past ten years? We asked PolicyTracker staff and they gave a wide range of answers, including the growth of spectrum sharing, the US incentive auction, social networking going mobile and the banning of Huawei. Read more...

Outages show the need to think clearly about national security
Dec 10, 2018
by Manuel R. Marti

An O2 network failure in the UK has shown how mobile underpins vital infrastructure but is Huawei the right target for our national security fears? Even the EU is now expressing concerns. Chinese technology companies are an emerging powerhouse and banning them may soon be impractical as well as self-defeating. Read more...

Does long-range IoT need better harmonised ISM frequencies?

In the last part of our series about IoT networks we consider whether they are being held back by patchy global harmonisation. The two key unlicensed bands used for IoT - 868 MHz and 915 MHz - are not globally adopted like 2.4 GHz, which spawned the growth of Wi-Fi.… Read more...

Mobile in C-band: a long battle ahead

Only the 3.4 - 3.6 GHz and 3.6 - 3.7 GHz frequencies have been harmonised for mobile use at ITU level but there is growing support among  vendors and operators to see 4G and future 5G services in  3.4 - 4.2 GHz.   Regulators in Europe plan to allocate 3.4-3.8 GHz… Read more...