Author: Manuel R. MartiManuel R. Marti
ITU regions take different paths to 5G
Jun 22, 2018
by Manuel R. Marti

The story of 5G is yet to be written. To some, 5G is a brave concept. But to many, 5G is a revolutionary technology set to transform mobility, manufacturing and entertainment, among other sectors. At industry trade events and conferences, legislators, vendors and engineers line up to share their latest visions… Read more...

Spanish regulator allows Brussels-backed WiFi schemes to exceed national speed limits
Jun 21, 2018
by Manuel R. Marti

Spanish telecoms regulator CNMC has revealed it will allow projects funded by the European Commission’s "WiFi4EU" project to exceed national connection speed limits. Read more...

Utilities come together to push for access to spectrum
Jun 15, 2018
by Manuel R. Marti

The utility sector is campaigning globally for more access to spectrum in order to keep up with changes in grid networks brought about by the development of renewable energy and smart grid technologies. Read more...

mmWave propagation is better than people think, says Samsung boss
Jun 14, 2018
by Manuel R. Marti

Millimetre wave (mmWave) frequencies can be far more resilient than the industry generally believes, a key Samsung executive has claimed. Read more...

EU institutions reach agreement on Electronic Communications Code
Jun 08, 2018
by Manuel R. Marti

EU institutions have reached a provisional deal on the new European Electronic Communications Code (EECC), and have now concluded negotiation stages. Read more...

Souped-up shipping containers bring “civilisation in a box” to remote African communities
Jun 07, 2018
by Manuel R. Marti

While Africa is theoretically an energy-rich continent, supply remains poor for most of the population. However, a multi-utility shared spectrum infrastructure project could help to improve the situation. Read more...

Future of UK’s planned emergency services network could be in doubt
Jun 06, 2018
by Manuel R. Marti

The future of the UK's planned Emergency Services Network (ESN)–the LTE-based communications system being developed for the country's police, paramedics and fire services–could be in doubt. Read more...

mmWave 5G services to be limited and localised, EU study finds
Jun 05, 2018
by Manuel R. Marti

5G services over millimetre-wave bands will be a tiny fraction of the market and have a relatively slow growth in the near future, according to a study commissioned by the EU. Read more...

EU to finalise Communications Code in early June
May 31, 2018
by Manuel R. Marti

European Union legislators are expected to reach final agreement on the proposed European Electronic Communications Code in a "conclusive" meeting early next month, the European Commission said. Read more...

FCC urges Supreme Court not to prolong spectrum discount row
May 24, 2018
by Manuel R. Marti

US regulator the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has told the country's Supreme Court to reject a petition from the Dish Network-backed firms who claim they were wrongly denied licence discounts as it could hinder ongoing proceedings. Read more...