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India’s huge 5G auction dominates in recent spectrum assignments
Oct 19, 2022
by Richard Haas

The latest iteration of the PolicyTracker spectrum database has recorded auctions involving over 3600 MHz of spectrum. A total of eight awards were recorded in seven different countries. Read more...

Five countries from four continents complete auctions in Q1 2022
Apr 14, 2022
by Toby Youell

New iteration of PolicyTracker Spectrum Database sees spectrum auction slow down  Five countries from four continents auctioned a total of 726 MHz of nationwide spectrum during Q1 2022. This includes South Africa, which sold almost all of the available spectrum in the 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 2.1 GHz, 2.6 GHz,… Read more...

Reliance Jio wants more and cheaper spectrum
Mar 30, 2022
by Toby Youell

Since it entered the market in 2016, Reliance Jio has transformed India's mobile industry. It adopted a loss-leading strategy, offering mobile broadband services at almost-free prices. One reason it can offer such cheap services is that its all-IP LTE-only network is more spectrally efficient than its rivals that support legacy… Read more...

There were two mega auctions in 4Q21: one that started late and one that ended late
Feb 01, 2022
by Toby Youell

The new iteration of the PolicyTracker Spectrum Database includes spectrum assignment information from 16 countries Two Portuguese-speaking countries provided the locations for the most notable spectrum auctions that concluded in Q4 2021. The results from these auctions, and other changes to spectrum allocations and assignments, are included in the new… Read more...

Q3 sees new record prices for the 3.5 GHz band
Oct 21, 2021
by Toby Youell

New iteration of PolicyTracker Spectrum Database tracks 11 auctions across six bands. The last three months included two potentially expensive spectrum auctions. Operators in one of these countries, Pakistan, largely shunned the award; but Canadian operators ended up paying record prices. These auction results are reported in the 2021 Q3… Read more...

Are regulators storing up problems for the future?
Jan 28, 2015
by Richard Womersley

Typically less than 50% of spectrum already identified for IMT has been licensed by regulators, yet the IMT community are seeking new allocations. Shouldn't regulators and the IMT community alike use what they have first, before asking for more? Read more...

Where will the RSPG find 1200 MHz of spectrum?
Dec 19, 2011
by Richard Womersley

The EU has signed up to the RSPP which aims to find 1200 MHz of spectrum for broadband services by 2015. Where might this spectrum come from? Read more...