Author: Richard WomersleyRichard Womersley
Are regulators storing up problems for the future?
Jan 28, 2015
by Richard Womersley

Typically less than 50% of spectrum already identified for IMT has been licensed by regulators, yet the IMT community are seeking new allocations. Shouldn't regulators and the IMT community alike use what they have first, before asking for more? Read more...

Does full duplex equal double the capacity?
Jan 01, 2015
by Richard Womersley

A number of organisations have developed methods of transmitting and receiving at the same time on the same frequency. These 'full duplex' technologies promise a doubling in capacity, but perhaps all is not so rosy. Read more...

Is the radio spectrum a six-dimensional problem space?
Dec 20, 2012
by Richard Womersley

There have been a myriad of attempts to define spectrum usage and spectrum rights. For fun(!) I have been trying to bring these all together into a single framework for defining interference and, by dint, sharing. The result appears to point to the radio spectrum being a six-dimensional problem space... Read more...

Laying the groundwork for future UHF success
Jun 21, 2012
by Richard Womersley

Is now the time to take a step back and re-consider not just the 700 MHz band plan, but everything from 450 to 960 MHz? Read more...

Is Vandermonde aspirin for Cognitive headaches?
Feb 08, 2012
by Richard Womersley

Another novel method of sharing spectrum has been proposed based on the work of French mathematician Vandermonde. Are such techniques really necessary, or are they just a natural response to regulatory lethargy? Read more...

Where will the RSPG find 1200 MHz of spectrum?
Dec 19, 2011
by Richard Womersley

The EU has signed up to the RSPP which aims to find 1200 MHz of spectrum for broadband services by 2015. Where might this spectrum come from? Read more...

DIDO, the Shannon Law, and an antenna for every citizen
Aug 10, 2011
by Richard Womersley

A new white paper proposes a means to allow every user in a network to use all the spectrum simultaneously and fully. Does this exceed the Shannon Law? And what are the implications for wireless networks? Read more...

Asymmetry and the capacity crunch
Jun 17, 2011
by Richard Womersley

The asymmetry of mobile data might point to alternative bandplans for mobile spectrum, but is it too late to do anything about it? Read more...

Every European Digital?
Jun 02, 2011
by Richard Womersley

Can spectrum bring broadband to every European citizen? Probably not! Read more...