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Q & A with Ofcom’s Dr William Webb on his new book, The Future of Wireless Communications
Nov 14, 2006
by Website author

Think your mobile phone is a useful addition to the modern world? Well it won’t be long before it becomes an indispensable “remote control on life”, transforming the users' world and indeed the bank balances of the companies that make them. Read more...

First attempt to enforce EU spectrum agreements
Nov 09, 2006
by Website author

For the first time, the European Commission has invoked the process which could lead to formal infringement proceedings against member states for failing to comply with an agreement relating to radio spectrum. Read more...

Light touch for FWS bands
Nov 08, 2006
by Website author

UK communications regulator Ofcom has adopted a light licensing approach to the spectrum bands to be used for fixed wireless systems (FWS), a move expected to fuel competition with fibre optic cable. Read more...

November edition of PolicyTracker
Nov 05, 2006
by Website author

The printed issue of PolicyTracker is now available for download. Read more...

Retrospective licence liberalisation put on backburner
Nov 01, 2006
by Website author

Ofcom has confirmed it has no immediate plans to apply a technology and service neutral approach to existing licences. Read more...

Regulators consider re-planning analogue TV frequencies to make room for mobile
Oct 31, 2006
by Website author

The first step towards an EU policy on the digital dividend points out the advantages of making common bands available for mobile services but warns this could require another international conference. Read more...

Sweden sets spectrum reform in motion
Oct 26, 2006
by Website author

A new spectrum management policy document for Sweden is the stepping stone to an environment where all players can compete, but the removal of some of the restrictions imposed by its current legal framework remain a challenge. Read more...

US think tank research challenges traditional spectrum theory
Oct 24, 2006
by Website author

The tendency in spectrum policy to link the licensed model with property rights and the unlicensed model with a commons may need a serious rethink, argues a new paper by Dr Jim Snider of the New America Foundation. Read more...

Calling all risk takers
Oct 20, 2006
by Website author

A handful of European countries are inching towards a more flexible approach to spectrum management. This is a very slow process and consequently begs a fundamental question; do Europe’s regulators need to take bigger risks? Read more...

Give Commission more power to enforce harmonisation
Oct 17, 2006
by Website author

A consultants’ study says all EU member states should be required to implement harmonised licence-free bands. They also say access to this type of spectrum needs to be speeded up and simplified. Read more...