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The many visions of spectrum reform
Aug 05, 2005
by Website author

The huge discrepancies in member states’ approach to spectrum liberalisation have been thrown into sharp relief by the German regulator. Read more...

Missing the point?
Aug 01, 2005
by Website author

New content players are concerned that extending the Television without Frontiers Directive will mean extra regulation without tackling the real problems hindering the growth of a Europe-wide e-content industry. Read more...

Africa: the challenge of regulatory independence
Jul 22, 2005
by Website author

Having looked at the regulatory picture for wireless services, PolicyTracker examines the telecoms environment, taking South Africa as a case study. Read more...

Africa: reaping the benefits of wireless technologies
Jul 20, 2005
by Website author

With the G8 summit giving new impetus to economic development in Africa PolicyTracker asks whether the regulatory environment is ready for wireless investments Read more...

Article 7: where to now?
Jul 18, 2005
by Website author

The European Commission will issue a communication in October on Article 7 procedures in what is expected to precede a detailed consultation calling for input on the review of the list of markets contained in the Recommendation on Relevant markets. Read more...

Spectrum Audit makes proposals to shift public sector thinking
Jul 08, 2005
by Website author

It's ironic that on the day the emergency services were making intensive use of their radios following the London bomb blasts the UK Spectrum Audit team released a consultation suggesting ways of making more efficient use of public sector spectrum. Read more...

Norway rethinks the role of the broadcast network
Jul 06, 2005
by Website author

Norway’s telecommunications regulator has issued a tender for a flexible frequency licence, a signal that it is moving toward a regulatory context where the network is viewed more as an electronic communications network and less as a broadcasting network. Read more...

Move towards technology neutrality
Jul 05, 2005
by Website author

A final deal has yet to be struck but it seems increasingly likely that national regulators will be allowed to licence technologies like WiMax in the 2.5 GHz IMT-2000 expansion band. Read more...

RSA: has Ofcom spun out of orbit?
Jun 27, 2005
by Website author

An explosive situation looks set to arise following the UK regulator’s plans to consider the introduction of Recognised Spectrum Access (RSA) to the satellite industry. Read more...

New study to examine barrier to spectrum trading
Jun 24, 2005
by Website author

Consultants have been appointed to find ways of ending the uncertainty about spectrum rights which many believe has hindered the development of trading in the UK. Read more...