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WiMAX Forum sets sights on FDD service in 700 MHz
Jul 16, 2008
by Scott Billquist

Having warmly welcomed the EC decision on generic WAPECs licensing WiMAX companies are now looking to overcome regulatory fears and clear the way for services in the UHF bands. Read more...

Editorial: The people have spoken
Jul 14, 2008
by Website author

For the first time MEPs have demanded control over the specifics of spectrum policy. Whether or not their proposals become law, this seems to mark a new era of increasing political intervention. Read more...

MEPs vote to give themselves more power over spectrum policy
Jul 11, 2008
by Nathalie Vandystadt

The European Parliament’s Industry Committee has voted to give MEPs the ability to veto the Commission’s power to identify bands for harmonisation, secondary trading or service neutrality. Read more...

Non-compliant devices could undermine spectrum liberalization
Jul 08, 2008
by Scott Billquist

Could the large numbers of cheap devices not complying with the R&TTE Directive weaken the industry trust needed to implement spectrum flexibility? Scott Billquist investigates solutions proposed by policy-makers reviewing the directive. Read more...

MEPs ready to compromise on European telecoms review
Jul 04, 2008
by Nathalie Vandystadt

This Monday (7 July) the European Parliament's industry committee will vote on the 1200 amendments to the Commission’s proposals for the review of the telecoms framework package. Read more...

Unlicensed spectrum usage will expand, but we must take a wider view
Jul 03, 2008
by Dugie Standeford

An EU regulators report says we should be thinking about the whole range of collective uses of spectrum and it proposes four criteria for deciding whether more frequencies need to be made available. Read more...

DVB-T2 specification ratified
Jul 02, 2008
by Scott Billquist

The specification for second-generation digital terrestrial TV transmission has been published and will shortly be submitted for standardisation. The UK will be relying on DVB-T2 for terrestrial HDTV. Read more...

MEPs call for mandatory digital dividend harmonisation
Jun 30, 2008
by Nathalie Vandystadt

The agreed version of the European Parliament’s digital dividend report goes further than the European Commission by calling for a compulsory EU-wide approach to all the released analogue TV frequencies. Read more...

How to democratise spectrum
Jun 26, 2008
by Website author

The European Parliament is demanding more control over spectrum policy but seems to be back tracking on calls to curtail Commission powers. However, MEPs are set to get a greater role in setting the roadmap for frequency policy. Read more...

July 2008 printed issue available for download
Jun 25, 2008
by Website author

Our top story this month is the EU telecoms council meeting where InfoSoc Commissioner Viviane Reding called for half the digital dividend to be used for wireless services. Read more...