Valuing the Spectrum training course
This course is next being offered as online training with timings aimed at Asia and the Middle East from 6 - 7th December 2022. It will also be held as a hybrid course in London in September 2023.
Nov 16, 2022 by Martin Sims Managing Director

Training Course

Event Start Date06/12/2022
Event End Date07/12/2022

Putting a value on different bands is an essential skill for everyone with a professional interest in the spectrum world.

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Whether you work for a regulator, government agency or an operator, you are likely to be involved in valuing the spectrum in some form. It is an essential part of these common activities:

  • Setting reserve prices for an auction
  • Corporate strategic planning for an auction or acquisition
  • Negotiating licence renewal
  • Setting annual spectrum fees
  • Dealing with administered incentive pricing (AIP)


This two day online course will explain the commonly-used valuation techniques, covering:

  • Benchmarking
  • Business modelling
  • Technical valuation
  • Opportunity cost techniques
  • Company value technique


Working through real-world examples we will show how these are used in practice and how they can be used together in a “triangulated” approach.

The upcoming online course starts at 9 am Dubai/ 1 pm Singapore / 2 pm Japan / 4 pm Sydney  making it ideal for online participants in the Middle East and Asia.  

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Who should attend?

This course will suit a wide range of people: from those without a financial background seeking to understand the principles involved to those with financial experience who are new to the spectrum world. Likely job titles include:

  • Spectrum managers
  • Finance, regulatory and policy executives
  • Lawyers
  • Economists

Book together with the Spectrum Auctions Masterclass

Valuing the Spectrum is held immediately before our Spectrum Auctions Training. Accurate valuation is a vital part of auction preparation, so it can make sense to attend both. The content is designed to be complementary. You can book for both courses online.

Delegate fees

The online version of this course costs £500 + VAT if booked two weeks or more in advance, and £600 + VAT thereafter. Full details are given in the table below.

If you register for the Spectrum Auctions Training as well there is a further reduction of £100. 

Course Early bird price Standard price
Online attendance
Valuing the Spectrum £500 £600
Spectrum Auctions Training £500 £600
Both courses £900 £1110
All prices are plus VAT if applicable

Please note: non-UK residents do not have to pay VAT for virtual attendance as long as they provide their VAT number. For in-person attendees, employees of foreign governments do not have to pay VAT.

Course format

The course features a flexible combination of lectures; exercises using real-world data and examples; feedback and review sessions; as well as ‘question and answer’ sessions. Class size is limited to 25.

Online registration is available now.