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Lost in Translation
Jan 29, 2005
by Website author

One of the greatest challenges facing Europe is the linguistic variety in the Internal market, both a blessing of cultural diversity but also a barrier to cross-border deployment of services. Read more...

ComReg to test spectrum trading on national business radio
Jan 27, 2005
by Website author

The Commission for Communications Regulation in Ireland has set in motion a process to review its spectrum management strategy which includes investigating whether market mechanisms are more effective than the current system which refarms licences. Read more...

Regulator steps down after mounting pressure
Jan 26, 2005
by Website author

Back in December the European Commission’s 10th implementation report cast doubt on the effectiveness of regulation in Slovenia, now the telecoms regulator has resigned after criticism from the country’s own National Competition Authority (NCA). Read more...

Interference: the next hurdle on the road to liberalisation?
Jan 21, 2005
by Website author

UK regulator Ofcom will be pressing for clarity on the question of what constitutes harmful interference, a move which mirrors thinking within European Commission (EC) and represents one of the most important challenges to achieving full liberalisation. Read more...

First spectrum pioneers place bids on e-Bay
Jan 20, 2005
by Website author

The phone may not have been ringing off the hook since spectrum trading was introduced in the UK on December 23rd, but a couple of entrepreneurs have initiated the first trades on the online auction site eBay. Read more...

A sign of the times: technology led forum to shut up shop?
Jan 17, 2005
by Website author

Orange France and Alcatel have thrown their weight behind the beleaguered UMTS Forum the future of which will be determined at a meeting of members later this month. Read more...

Vonage launch underlines importance of numbering policy
Jan 13, 2005
by Website author

The biggest U.S. VoIP provider has opened for business in the UK while taking a sideswipe at regulators in Germany. Read more...

Release of UWB documentation imminent
Jan 07, 2005
by Website author

It has taken longer than anticipated but the UK regulator, Ofcom, is expected to release the final text of the Mason Report alongside its UWB consultation and spectrum implementation plan on January 13th. Read more...

The big issues for 2005
Jan 06, 2005
by Website author

We predict that three things will dominate ICT policy debates: the Lisbon Agenda; the progress of spectrum trading in the UK; and the growing pressures on mobile operators. Read more...

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