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Does Europe need a geolocation database model?
Jul 16, 2019 by Manuel R. Marti

There is a reasonably solid consensus among European policymakers that spectrum sharing is becoming the norm. This leads to another question: does Europe need automated frequency coordination tools? 


Essential protection or throwback? Guard bands will free up the C-band
Jul 15, 2019 by Richard Handford

Coexistence between fixed satellite services and 5G in the 3.5 GHz band in many Asian countries is embodied in the guard band that separates the two sides. 


Verticals need to be more involved if they are to influence 5G standards
Jul 12, 2019 by Manuel R. Marti

5G promises to unlock growth across a wide range of business verticals, but newly emergent sectors are struggling to influence standards and that could hamper their development. 


China sets timeline for mmWave bands
Jul 09, 2019 by Richard Handford

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) plans to announce which millimetre wave (mmWave) bands the country will use for 5G by December 2019, with 26 GHz the obvious candidate. 


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