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President of Qualcomm Europe discusses 5G fragmentation Premium

President of Qualcomm Europe discusses 5G fragmentation
Sep 29, 2016 by Kane Mumford

Before Qualcomm’s global president urged industry and policymakers to avoid spectrum fragmentation this week, PolicyTracker spoke to the vendor’s European president Enrico Salvatori about accelerated timescales for 3GPP releases, Europe’s 5G focus and SDL’s role in the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Huawei and Qualcomm say 5G should avoid spectrum fragmentation Premium

Sep 29, 2016 by Kane Mumford

Speaking at a telecoms industry summit, the president of Qualcomm said mid-to-low band spectrum will be the focus of 5G, while a top Huawei executive said Europe should be backing 28 GHz.

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South Africa heading for dynamic spectrum management Premium

Sep 26, 2016 by Albert Lysko

South Africa’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has developed and certified a geolocation spectrum database, with the country moving towards making its spectrum management more dynamic.

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Will 5G need a new spectrum licensing approach? Premium

Sep 27, 2016 by Dugie Standeford

Spectrum availability is the biggest challenge facing the radio access network (RAN) in connection with 5G, according to around one-third of 800 telecoms industry executives surveyed for a new report.

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Brussels wants new powers for BEREC Premium

Sep 21, 2016 by Kane Mumford

The European Commission’s proposal seeks to turn the regulatory body into a fully-fledged agency tasked with reviewing EU member states’ spectrum assignments.

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Spending watchdog says UK government underestimated risks of LTE PPDR network Premium

Sep 19, 2016 by Kane Mumford

A National Audit Office (NAO) report concludes that it was a desire to save money that led the UK government to try something that with the exception of South Korea, which has a much better geographic LTE coverage, has not been tried anywhere else in the world – running an emergency services network (ESN) over a commercial supplier's network.

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New head of Polish regulator to focus on 700 MHz auction Premium

Sep 16, 2016 by Jaroslaw Adamowski

Poland’s parliament has confirmed the appointment of Marcin Cichy as the new president of the country’s Office of Electronic Communications (UKE).

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Brussels announces regulatory framework review results Premium

Sep 14, 2016 by Kane Mumford

Five documents are to be adopted by the Commission today, including a legislative proposal for a new Electronic Communications Code, and more on the “Gigabit Society”.

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Commission vs Council court case: five member states seek to intervene against Commission Premium

Sep 13, 2016 by Kane Mumford

Germany, France, the Czech Republic and the UK are among five EU states to have registered their opposition to the Commission’s action.

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Research report exposes differences over future of 5G Premium

Sep 12, 2016 by Dugie Standeford

The future of mobile broadband, including LTE-Advanced and 5G, is "bright," says a new report compiled by Rysavy Research for mobile industry group 5G Americas. But one critic has described the study as "propaganda" that ignores the lack of business cases for the technology.

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Top DG Connect official tells industries regulation can't keep changing Premium

Sep 09, 2016 by Kane Mumford

Anthony Whelan, director of DG Connect's electronic communications unit, has said broadcasters need a degree of visibility as to how their sector will evolve, adding that this is about things that might happen before 2023.

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EBU opposed to current SDL in lower UHF proposal Premium

Sep 07, 2016 by Kane Mumford

The European Broadcasting Union's spectrum management chair told PolicyTracker that demonstrations are one thing, but conditions under which such networks could be rolled out need more work to ensure that TV services are protected.

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Demo suggests mobile supplementary downlink does not interfere with digital terrestrial TV Premium

Demo suggests mobile supplementary downlink does not interfere with digital terrestrial TV
Sep 06, 2016 by Kane Mumford

The demonstration, by Nokia and Qualcomm, could pave the way for a new era of mobile/broadcast convergence. In this article, PolicyTracker looks at how it works and what the companies are planning for the future. Tomorrow, we’ll assess the reactions to the demonstration from regulators, broadcasters and members of the PMSE industry.

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