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US military funds research into generalizable machine learning algorithms for spectrum management
Dec 10, 2018
by Toby Youell

Machine learning is credited with revolutionizing other sectors, such as voice recognition software, and many hope it can have a similar impact on spectrum management.  Read more...

Malaysia mulls way forward for 700 MHz after political change
Dec 07, 2018
by Richard Handford

The Malaysian government is considering how to proceed with a stalled contest for spectrum in the 700 MHz band. One possibility is an auction, which would be a first for the country.  Read more...

EU report lays out 5G recommendations for member states
Dec 06, 2018
by Manuel R. Marti

Spectrum assignments and small cell deployment appear to be the most critical issues for 5G, according to an EU study published recently.  Read more...

US regulator may “imminently” propose reshuffling the 900 MHz band
Dec 05, 2018
by Toby Youell

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is expected to propose a reorganisation of privately held licences in the band to create contiguous spectrum for next-generation smart grid broadband services.  Read more...

GSMA tells Ecuador a cut in spectrum fees would pay for itself
Dec 03, 2018
by Toby Youell

A study commissioned by the mobile industry association claims that halving the country’s spectrum fees would pay for itself in higher tax revenues in the medium term.  Read more...

China Telecom-backed new entrant has big ambitions for the Philippines
Nov 30, 2018
by Richard Handford

Mislatel, the China Telecom-backed mobile newcomer in the Philippines, has committed to covering more than a third of the country’s population a year after launch. The consensus is that it can be done, but that might not be the operator's biggest challenge.  Read more...

US government to examine the value of government spectrum
Nov 29, 2018
by Toby Youell

A draft bill introduced to the US Senate and a Presidential Memorandum both seek to improve understanding of the federal government's use of spectrum.  Read more...

GSMA issues 5G spectrum warning a year before WRC-19
Nov 28, 2018
by Manuel R. Marti

The mobile industry association says legislators are not keeping up with the spectrum requirements of mobile network operators (MNOs). It claims that with less than a year to go to the next World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-19), this means the future of 5G could be in doubt.  Read more...

European and North American authorities consider future spectrum needs of train passengers and operations
Nov 26, 2018
by Dugie Standeford

US regulator the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering a request for an ultra-wideband positive train control system while in Europe, CEPT is studying spectrum requirements and candidate bands to replace the current train connectivity system. Read more...

Mobile players doubtful over Germany’s 5G auction plan
Nov 23, 2018
by Manuel R. Marti

German regulator BNetzA is expected to confirm next week the final terms and design of the 5G auction due to take place in the first quarter of 2019.  Read more...

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