Latin America sees steady progress for 4G and 5G

The GSA's latest report on Latin America suggests that the market for LTE has peaked. 5G deployment is steadily increasing but spectrum assignments across the continent are slow and often…

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The leading Nordic telecommunications company has been rearranging its Asian assets since its exit from Myanmar in 2022.

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French network operator and digital services provider Orange says it wants to "lead the future". It continues to operate in 26 countries and had 298 million customers (287 million mobile)…

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Vodafone calls itself the largest pan-European and African telecoms company, with 323 million mobile customers according to its FY23 annual report. It operates mobile and fixed networks in 17 countries,…

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Telefónica is a diversified telecommunications group operating mainly in Europe and Latin America. It provides extensive 4G coverage and continues to build out its 5G and 5G standalone networks. It…

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Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom (DT) is a leading integrated telecoms company. It remains focused on its goal of becoming the "leading digital telco" through the convergence of its fixed and mobile networks.…

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How wireless backhaul is changing

The mobile industry's growing interest in mid–band spectrum—the traditional home of microwave—for access services is coinciding with more licensing of mobile backhaul in higher frequencies. In these higher bands, there…

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