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Telecoms industry agreed on overall vision for “phase 2” 5G
Sep 29, 2015 by Toby Youell

The 3GPP consortium that will conduct the technical standardisation work on 5G is to use a phased approach.


India approves spectrum trading, but with strings attached
Sep 28, 2015 by Toby Youell

The Indian government has decided to allow the trading of mobile spectrum licences, following a proposal from the country's regulator.


European Commission to cooperate with China on 5G
Sep 28, 2015 by Toby Youell

The European Commission and the Chinese government department responsible for spectrum have signed a joint declaration on 5G strategic cooperation that includes cooperation on spectrum.


Radio Regulations may be extended up to 1000 GHz at WRC-19
Sep 25, 2015 by Toby Youell

Two proposals for new agenda items at WRC-19 could lead to the Radio Regulations extending the upper limit for transmissions from 275 GHz to as much as 1000 GHz.


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