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Focus on Europe’s emerging markets: Serbia, Macedonia and Belarus
Sep 29, 2005
by Website author

In a series of articles over the next few days PolicyTracker will be examining the regulatory envionment in these three countries in detail. First we look at the issues affecting them all. Read more...

Emerging markets focus – Serbia: a regulator with a bulging in tray
Sep 29, 2005
by Website author

The incumbent’s monopoly may have ended but the regulator is short of tools to establish dynamic competition. Read more...

Reding tries to calm fears over internet regulation row
Sep 23, 2005
by Website author

European Commissioner for the information society and media, Viviane Reding, has dismissed out of hand ‘fantasy inspired’ claims that she is trying to regulate the Internet via the back door. Read more...

Working group agrees proposals for pan-European approach to UWB
Sep 15, 2005
by Website author

Discussions underway at a European Communications Committee meeting in Copenhagen this week could bring European shipments of Ultra Wide Band devices a step closer. Read more...

New initiative may resolve powerline interference row
Sep 14, 2005
by Website author

National standards bodies in Europe are developing responses to a controversial draft standard for wireline network emissions criticised by some as a cover for lowering the bar for broadband over powerline. Read more...

RSA: the solution to trading government spectrum?
Sep 07, 2005
by Website author

Ironing out the complexities that could emerge from plans to shoehorn UK public sector usage into Recognised Spectrum Access will be a priority for spectrum audit team in the coming months. Read more...

FCC breaks new ground in spectrum management
Sep 01, 2005
by Website author

When a regulator has made a decision does it make sense to leave the practicalities of implementation to outsourcing and self-regulation? Read more...

The smart way forward for spectrum managers
Aug 30, 2005
by Website author

Smart radios have the potential to revolutionise spectrum management so why then do policy makers seem so reluctant to authorise the technologies for widespread civil use? Read more...

Fears mount over proposals for new European audio visual directive
Aug 25, 2005
by Website author

Industry players to be brought under the umbrella of a new audio visual services directive are increasingly worried that the latest EU proposals run counter to the Lisbon objectives but are their fears justified? Read more...

Obstacles to vital EC spectrum studies finally removed
Aug 19, 2005
by Website author

The ‘staggering bureaucracy surrounding the simplest decisions’ led to the delay of two eagerly awaited tenders for studies that are of paramount importance to future radio spectrum policy. Read more...

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