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How to bridge the digital divide: harmonisation or increasing competition?
Nov 17, 2005
by Website author

The debate over the licensing of GSM and WiMAX technologies has been taken a new turn this week at the World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis. Read more...

RSA: protection racket or greater protection
Nov 16, 2005
by Website author

Fears that Recognised Spectrum Access (RSA) will eventually be applied with a broad brush to a wide cross section of services by the UK communications regulator is causing unease in certain sectors. Read more...

Broadcast spectrum: a radical view from across the pond
Nov 11, 2005
by Website author

How to handle the unused broadcast spectrum is a puzzle being pieced together by policy makers around the world but is it time to stop paying lip service to the incumbents and impose some radical changes? Read more...

UK deregulates wireless electronic tags
Nov 09, 2005
by Website author

The UK regulator Ofcom has announced that Radio Frequency Identificationdevices operating in the 865-868 MHz range will be exempt from licensing. Read more...

Move over soldier?
Nov 01, 2005
by Website author

The European Commission’s search for unifying general principles to cover the wireless sector has thrown up some familiar questions particularly the use of spectrum by the military. Read more...

You can share and have exclusive rights says US spectrum guru
Nov 01, 2005
by Website author

Wireless investments depend on guaranteed access to spectrum, argues Professor Tom Hazlett, but that’s not the same as exclusive use. Read more...

Breakthough agreement in Portugal
Oct 28, 2005
by Website author

After a vigorous discussion Europe’s regulators have agreed a policy framework for the introduction of Ultra Wide Band services. Read more...

Ofcom licence terms inadequate says Australian expert
Oct 25, 2005
by Website author

Ofcom’s proposals to auction the 412 to 414 MHz and 422 to 424 MHz bands have raised a concern about managing potential interference Read more...

Regulators uncertain about Commission Communications
Oct 24, 2005
by Website author

NRAs are beginning to warm to the idea of a secondary market for spectrum but the European Commission will need all its powers of persuasion if flexibility of use is to become a reality. Read more...

Spectrum trading: European businesses grow impatient
Oct 21, 2005
by Martin Sims

It’s nearly a year since the UK pioneered spectrum trading in the EU and the concept has received a further boost in new proposals from the European Commission. However, businesses are realising that a functioning market is a long way off. (Filed 21.10.05) Read more...

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