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Ofcom gives green light to EU’s first spectrum trade
Feb 24, 2006
by Website author

The first “pure spectrum” trade has gained regulatory approval heralding a new policy era for the whole of the European Union. Read more...

EU’s first spectrum trade is agreed
Feb 20, 2006
by Website author

More than a year after the UK became the first EU member state to comprehensively introduce spectrum trading the first deal has been agreed and is now awaiting regulatory approval. Read more...

First spectrum trade shows value of new policy says leading expert
Feb 20, 2006
by Website author

Professor Martin Cave, widely regarded as the founding father of spectrum trading in the UK has welcomed a ground breaking agreement between two companies to transfer their fixed wireless access licences. Read more...

Prime mobile spectrum to be auctioned in UK
Feb 17, 2006
by Website author

Ofcom, the unitary regulator set up in 2003, has announced its first spectrum auction. Read more...

UWB standards torch passes to WiMedia Alliance
Feb 16, 2006
by Website author

After the collapse of the IEEE’s efforts the WiMedia camp is now hoping that its non-proprietary approach will win the standards race. Read more...

Spot markets: a quantum leap in spectrum efficiency?
Feb 02, 2006
by Website author

The technology is already here to establish an exchange where frequencies are bought by the minute says former FCC senior technical officer Michael Marcus. He argues that these can even work in public safety bands. Read more...

Broadcasters attack Commission’s spectrum trading plans
Feb 01, 2006
by Website author

The depth of broadcasters’ opposition to the introduction of trading in the radio and TV bands is becoming clear. Are the proposals of little practical use or is this the natural reaction of incumbents when exposed to market competition? Read more...

Business mobile radio users fear RRC-06 could cost them billions
Jan 30, 2006
by Website author

While policy makers plan for the introduction of Europe-wide digital broadcasting services in VHF band III UK mobile radio users say this could cause interference and require massive infrastructure investment. Read more...

Guatemala: spectrum trading pioneer starts to see the drawbacks
Jan 26, 2006
by Website author

Spectrum liberalisation has certainly helped invigorate the country’s telecoms market but it has created problems like spectrum hoarding and left the broadcasting market vulnerable to new political pressures. Read more...

OECD expected to point up anti-competitive dangers of unlicensed WiMAX
Jan 25, 2006
by Website author

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is due to sound a warning over the potential for providers of unlicensed WiMAX networks to effectively monopolise broadband access in certain areas. Read more...

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