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5G or not 5G?
Jan 27, 2017
by Kane Mumford

3GPP’s Release 15 will probably bear the “5G stamp”. This means that there is nothing to stop marketers calling LTE and LTE-advanced technology included in the final documentation “5G” when it is approved around the end of 2018. Read more...

Has social media ruined the consultation process?
Jan 13, 2017
by Kane Mumford

Make the Air Fair’s campaign may be an oversimplification of the facts. Still, the people have spoken. What will Ofcom do about it? Read more...

The tragedy of the commons: tragically misunderstood?
Jan 30, 2016
by Martin Sims

Spectrum policy often seems to rely on a simplistic interpretation of the term, not realising that it is discredited in the disciplines where it was born. Read more...

The BT/EE merger could see more than one perfect storm on the horizon
Jan 18, 2016
by PolicyTracker

The merger between BT and EE might be done and dusted, but the competition question rumbles on. Read more...

What mattered most to the spectrum community in 2015?
Jan 07, 2016
by PolicyTracker

We can't claim to have spoken to every single person with an interest in spectrum policy, but we do have a pretty good proxy: PolicyTracker's most-read stories of 2015. Some you will guess, but some will surprise you.... Read more...

Huge spectrum trade accelerates L-band bandwagon
Aug 26, 2015
by PolicyTracker

Qualcomm has confirmed it will sell its 40 MHz of spectrum in the L-band in the UK to two mobile operators. Meanwhile, support for an IMT identification in the band at WRC-15 will be near global if its gets backing from Arab regulators meeting in Rabat. Read more...

German 700 MHz band spectrum stuck at near reserve price
Jun 03, 2015
by PolicyTracker

The world's most sought-after spectrum is currently being auctioned in what is arguably Europe's strongest economy - so why are wallets staying closed? Read more...

Vote yes for better mobile coverage!
Sep 24, 2014
by PolicyTracker

Scottish voters go to the polls today to answer a very simple question: should Scotland be an independent country? Read more...

Another one bites the dust…
Jun 19, 2014
by PolicyTracker

Belgium will not be getting a fourth 3G operator after all. Read more...