PolicyTracker’s 4G and 5G Spectrum Guide

For the past three years we have published the leading resource for sector professionals seeking to understand future directions in 4G and 5G spectrum. The new edition has been updated for 2019 and is now available for purchase. For the first time it includes an analysis of the satellite sector, explaining its future spectrum needs and how these can be integrated into the planning for 5G.

The report is based on wide-ranging interviews with key industry professionals from vendors, operators, OTT players, national regulators, the ITU and regional ITU bodies. It includes the latest developments in the WRC-19 planning process following the 2nd ITU Inter-regional Workshop in Geneva

It also draws on data from our spectrum database of nearly 4000 licences worldwide and the daily monitoring of spectrum issues in the PolicyTracker newsletter.

As we approach WRC-19 this is an indispensable reference for spectrum professionals. Find out more by downloading our sample pages

Key benefits:

  • A detailed briefing on all the crucial 4G and 5G bands
  • Likely outcomes of WRC-19
  • Authoritative overview of stakeholder views on 5G bands
  • Concise overview of priorities for all the leading players:
    • Mobile vendors and operators,
    • OTT companies
    • Satellite industry
    • National regulators
  • Summary of spectrum policy in the nine largest economies
  • The background needed for international negotiations
  • Instant access to authoritative statistics
  • Detailed sourcing for all graphs and charts

The report is priced at GBP £2000 + VAT (if applicable) for a single user and you can get organisation-wide access as part of our Spectrum Research Service.

Ordering takes only a few moments using this online form.

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