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Is South Africa’s 700 MHz, 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz auction dead?
Nov 21, 2017
by Dugie Standeford

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) had expected to start an auction procedure in March, but is now bogged down in a lawsuit with the Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services amid plans for a wireless wholesale open access network (WOAN). One consultant doubts ICASA's process will ever… Read more...

Top Australian official says spectrum auctions can be anti-competitive
Nov 20, 2017
by Richard Handford

Rod Sims, chairman of Australian competition regulator the ACCC, said part of the value for mobile operators in bidding in auctions is to block rivals from acquiring spectrum. He is not the first regulator to remark on how such contests can influence operator behaviour; the US Department of Justice made… Read more...

5G Americas says 3GPP-set tuning ranges will assist global harmonisation
Nov 17, 2017
by Kane Mumford

"Tuning range" solutions, in which adjacent or nearly adjacent bands can be considered harmonised if equipment can be reconfigured to operate over multiple bands, are capable of generating the same benefits as harmonised spectrum allocations, says the mobile industry body. Read more...

UK broadcast group calls for an end to “salami slicing” of UHF in Europe
Nov 16, 2017
by Kane Mumford

Digital UK has launched what it says is an “unashamedly ambitious” plan for the UHF band in the UK and Europe. Read more...

New documentary highlights film star’s WWII spectrum invention
Nov 14, 2017
by Dugie Standeford

As a documentary about Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr premieres in London, PolicyTracker takes a look at her work on spread spectrum. This helped to pave the way for frequency hopping, and ultimately, technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Read more...

Malaysia’s regulator launches application procedure for 700 MHz band
Nov 13, 2017
by Cyrus Yau

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has issued an invitation to apply for 15-year licences to use spectrum in the 700 MHz band. Applications must be submitted by 2 January 2018.  Read more...

“In Europe, the start of 5G will be below 6 GHz”
Nov 10, 2017
by Kane Mumford

PolicyTracker recently discussed 5G with Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, chief technical officer at Deutsche Telekom. Read more...

Brazil opposes 28 GHz for 5G
Nov 09, 2017
by Dugie Standeford

Brazilian regulator Anatel has made spectrum available for 5G at 39.5-40 GHz and 2300-2400 MHz and is considering additional bands - but not 28 GHz. Read more...

Leading market players may not be the first to deploy 5G
Nov 08, 2017
by Kane Mumford

Harkirit Singh of Tata told us that third or fourth tier telecoms players would be the first to deploy new networks. Representatives of Orange, Three and SoftBank have also shared their views recently on the challenges of deploying 5G. Read more...

Will Hong Kong’s new chief executive accelerate 5G development?
Nov 07, 2017
by Cyrus Yau

Hong Kong’s new chief executive, Carrie Lam, has proposed investing HK$700 million (€77.5 million) on key infrastructure projects for 5G and a smart city initiative in her annual policy plan. Read more...