Press release: Spectrum sharing is vital to reap the benefits of using 700 MHz for mobile
Oct 19, 2012
by Martin Sims

Releasing a second tranche of TV spectrum for mobile use in EMEA could have unexpected impacts on associated sectors like advertising, broadcasting, web services and the tablets and e-reader markets, according to a new report from PolicyTracker Read more...

Laying the groundwork for future UHF success
Jun 21, 2012
by Richard Womersley

Is now the time to take a step back and re-consider not just the 700 MHz band plan, but everything from 450 to 960 MHz? Read more...

Is 2.4GHz Wi-Fi the next GPS/LightSquared?
May 24, 2012
by admin_pt

No, unlicensed devices in the 2.4 GHz band (2400 – 2483.5 MHz, operation under Part 15.247) probably won’t be the next GPS/LightSquared, where a large installed base of unlicensed devices with significant susceptibility to out-of-band interference was threatened by the deployment of a cellular service in an adjacent band. However,… Read more...

Press release: international agreement ramps up pressure for another TV switchover
Feb 17, 2012
by Martin Sims

A deal signed today (17 Feb) by representatives of 165 countries has greatly increased the likelihood of a second digital switchover across Europe. This could involve viewers having to retune their sets or buy a new set top box or TV. It comes only a few years after they had… Read more...

Is Vandermonde aspirin for Cognitive headaches?
Feb 08, 2012
by Richard Womersley

Another novel method of sharing spectrum has been proposed based on the work of French mathematician Vandermonde. Are such techniques really necessary, or are they just a natural response to regulatory lethargy? Read more...

Where will the RSPG find 1200 MHz of spectrum?
Dec 19, 2011
by Richard Womersley

The EU has signed up to the RSPP which aims to find 1200 MHz of spectrum for broadband services by 2015. Where might this spectrum come from? Read more...

Media coverage of the Latin American Spectrum Conference
Sep 16, 2011
by Martin Sims

Links to articles about the conference in the news media and blogs as well as videos of the presentations Read more...

DIDO, the Shannon Law, and an antenna for every citizen
Aug 10, 2011
by Richard Womersley

A new white paper proposes a means to allow every user in a network to use all the spectrum simultaneously and fully. Does this exceed the Shannon Law? And what are the implications for wireless networks? Read more...

Time to talk about the 3.6 GHz band?
Jul 06, 2011
by admin_pt

Consultations over the future use of the 3.4 to 3.8 GHz band are flourishing across Europe with a view to handing over the band to wireless broadband operators. But is the band 'not significantly used' (by satellite services) in Europe as some claim? Read more...

Asymmetry and the capacity crunch
Jun 17, 2011
by Richard Womersley

The asymmetry of mobile data might point to alternative bandplans for mobile spectrum, but is it too late to do anything about it? Read more...