Editorial: Is it harder to argue with numbers?
Nov 08, 2013
by admin_pt

The European Parliament's Ex-Ante Impact Assessment Unit has questioned the European Commission's much-repeated claim that its proposals for the telecoms industry will increase economic output by €110 billion each year. Read more...

Editorial: High spectrum prices by accident or design
Oct 31, 2013
by admin_pt

Are spectrum auctions designed to extort money from mobile operators? Read more...

Editorial: Europe’s consolidation conundrum
Oct 23, 2013
by admin_pt

Is Europe's telecoms market set to be dominated by a few large multinationals? Read more...

Editorial: Spectrum auctions – could Brussels do better?
Oct 15, 2013
by admin_pt

It hasn't been a vintage year for spectrum auctions. Read more...

Editorial: Kroes defends telecoms package
Oct 08, 2013
by admin_pt

This afternoon, Neelie Kroes is defending the Commission's draft telecoms reform package in front of an audience that includes many senior figures from Europe's telecoms industry. Read more...

Editorial: Can LTE Broadcast deliver TV/mobile convergence?
Oct 01, 2013
by Martin Sims

Possibly, but the wider social benefits will not be realised unless there are policy interventions to incentivise the process, argues Martin Sims. Read more...

Sao Paulo as a travel destination
Jul 23, 2013
by admin_pt

It's the location for this year's Latin American Spectrum Conference, but what does Sao Paulo have to offer as a city? Read more...

Editorial: Consumer rights in 600 MHz
Jul 23, 2013
by admin_pt

The UHF shake-up means many people will need new TVs, and in the UK there is no long-term guarantee about terrestrial HDTV. Isn't the consumer being treated badly? Read more...

Editorial: Is European mobile in 700 MHz a done deal? Er, yes.
Jul 02, 2013
by Martin Sims

The UK is consulting but the decision seems to have been taken. Many other European countries are following suit and the challenge now is to make sure this is a genuine win-win for everybody, consumers and broadcasters included. Read more...

4G TV interference: not guilty or is the jury still out?
May 17, 2013
by admin_pt

Is this the beginning of the end of our worries about interference, or just the end of the beginning? Read more...