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Can regulators be as irrational as the rest of us?
Nov 26, 2018
by Richard Handford

Behavioural economics argues that consumers often reach illogical decisions, rather than always acting in their own interests. They are not the only ones. Perhaps regulators can be guilty of this as well. A paper by James Cooper of George Mason University School of Law and William Kovacic from the George… Read more...

Indian government sends mixed signals to mobile operators
Nov 16, 2018
by Richard Handford

Despite its realisation that spectrum prices must fall, the Modi government’s policies are not always kind to the country’s operators. However, supporters argue the government’s proactive agenda is encouraging the mobile industry as a whole.  Read more...

The 700 MHz band is still unavailable for mobile broadband in many Asian countries
Nov 02, 2018
by Richard Handford

Many countries across the Asia-Pacific region are still waiting to see the benefits of the digital dividend, available through the sought-after 700 MHz band.  Read more...

Indonesia demos 5G in Asian Games and targets 2022 for full launch
Aug 10, 2018
by Richard Handford

Indonesia is a huge market but its vast archipelago of islands means satellite is vitally important. The country is currently studying which bands can be used for 5G without compromising its existing services. Read more...

Is the tide turning against auctions?
Jun 29, 2018
by Richard Handford

Will 2018 will be remembered as the year when auctions passed their peak? Or maybe government and regulators are simply learning how to blend financial requirements with other criteria in more creative ways when they award spectrum? India, for example, noted for repeat auctions and eye-watering reserve prices, appears to be… Read more...

New policy document suggests India could change its approach to auctions
May 21, 2018
by Richard Handford

The Indian government wants its National Digital Communications Policy (NDCP) 2018 to signal a move away from policies that have resulted in extremely high reserve prices and unsold frequencies in recent years. Read more...

Will Indian spectrum mega-auction excite cash-strapped operators?
Oct 11, 2017
by Dugie Standeford

The Indian regulator is planning an auction of spectrum in nine bands. Given the mobile industry's current "cash crunch", such an auction isn't likely to spark much interest, one telecoms consultant said. Read more...

May 30, 2017
by admin_pt

India is gradually making more spectrum available, but LTE has not made much progress yet and mobile operators are resentful of the amounts they have had to spend on licences in recent years. Read more...

High reserve prices could undermine Indian mega-auction
Jul 18, 2016
by Dugie Standeford

India expects to auction around 2200 MHz of spectrum over its 22 telecom "circles" (regions). But the high reserve prices could hamper interest and lead to a failed auction, analysts say. Read more...

Spectrum trading boosts mobile consolidation in India
Jun 20, 2016
by Dugie Standeford

The regulator's decision to allow spectrum trading has spurred consolidation, but has also raised concerns for operators. Read more...