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India stages record-breaking auction
Aug 03, 2022
by Richard Handford

The Indian government raised a total of nearly Rs150,000 crore ($19 billion) in its most lucrative ever spectrum contest. Read more...

India to launch 5G mega auction before the end of July
Jun 24, 2022
by Richard Handford

The Indian government has approved an auction of 72 GHz of 5G spectrum across ten bands with a target date of 26 July for the contest to start. Read more...

Indian regulator proposes lower reserve prices ahead of 5G auction
Apr 19, 2022
by Richard Handford

India’s regulator TRAI has recommended significant cuts to the reserve price of spectrum that will be sold in an auction later this year, but it's not enough for the country's mobile network operators (MNOs). Read more...

Indian regulator launches discussion on 5G reserve pricing
Dec 13, 2021
by Richard Handford

India’s reserve pricing for spectrum auctions, so long a source of contention, is the subject of debate in a new consultation from TRAI, the country’s regulator. Read more...

India adopts wide-ranging measures to rescue mobile sector
Sep 23, 2021
by Richard Handford

The Indian government has announced a major relief package for mobile network operators (MNOs), with spectrum-related reforms playing a central role. Read more...

Indian mobile operators argue for satellite auctions
Sep 20, 2021
by Richard Handford

Two of the country’s three privately-owned mobile network operators (MNOs) recently proposed a change to how satellite frequencies are awarded—a call rejected by the satellite industry. Read more...

Indian rivals agree $140m spectrum trading deal
Apr 20, 2021
by Richard Handford

Bharti Airtel has sold unused 800 MHz spectrum in three licence areas to competitor Reliance Jio. Read more...

India raises $10.6 billion in spectrum auction but reserve prices still criticised
Mar 12, 2021
by Richard Handford

India’s first spectrum auction in five years went much like the last one, with frequencies either sold at the reserve price or not sold at all. Read more...

Vodafone Idea ignores rival’s call for “2G-free” India
Oct 07, 2020
by Richard Handford

Indian operator Vodafone Idea (VIL) is to phase out 3G while maintaining its 2G service, despite a competitor's call for all 2G users to be upgraded. Read more...

Setback for Indian spectrum sale as government and regulator disagree
Jul 24, 2019
by Richard Handford

Indian regulator Trai’s refusal to reconsider the starting prices for the upcoming major auction of 4G and 5G spectrum has left the country's government considering a number of options for how to proceed.  Read more...