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Regulators urged to strengthen environmental policies
Jun 18, 2021
by Manuel R. Marti

Sustainability is becoming higher priority, with regulators announcing concrete new measures and the top European mobile operators unveiling a new scoring system for the environmental performance of mobile phones. Read more...

Largest telecoms players set their sights on 6G
May 13, 2021
by Manuel R. Marti

The world’s biggest players in telecoms are attempting to find a common vision for 6G with several key events already taking place this year.  Read more...

Orange spectrum chief issues warning as final UK auction results confirmed
Apr 13, 2018
by Manuel R. Marti

UK regulator Ofcom published the final results of its 2.3 GHz and 3.4 GHz auction today, but questions remain about the impact it will have on the country's mobile industry. Read more...

There’s no clear commercial message for 5G yet, says Orange
Dec 15, 2016
by Kane Mumford

Orange's senior executive VP for innovation, marketing and technologies says the industry needs to offer "emblematic" services if it is to convince customers that 5G is worth buying. Meanwhile, the head of the Commission’s connectivity unit has revealed details of CEPT’s study schedule for 3.5 GHz. Read more...

Polish government tries to bring 4G auction to a conclusion
Oct 07, 2015
by Jaroslaw Adamowski

Poland’s Ministry of Administration and Digitisation has decided to introduce a new regulation designed to accelerate the country's 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz auction. Read more...

French regulator allows more operators to use 1800 MHz for LTE
Aug 03, 2015
by Toby Youell

French regulator ARCEP has brokered a deal with the country’s mobile operators that will give Free Mobile more spectrum in the 1800 MHz band in return for allowing Orange and SFR to operate LTE in the former GSM band. Read more...

Sunrise CEO calls Swiss mobile auction format “very unfavourable”
May 30, 2012
by Martin Sims

Criticism of the recent Swiss combinatorial clock auction has intensified following the announcement of first quarter results from one of the bidders, Sunrise, which paid proportionately twice as much as its rivals. Read more...

Orange/T-Mobile merger further confuses UK refarming plans
Sep 22, 2009
by Michael Newlands

If the proposed merger between the UK operations of France Telecom’s Orange and Deutsche Telkom’s T-Mobile gets the green light, it adds another complication to the protracted negotiations over the reassignment of UK mobile spectrum. Read more...

12 companies win low power mobile spectrum
Apr 25, 2006
by Website author

Ofcom, the UK unitary regulator set up in 2003, has announced the results of its first spectrum auction. Read more...

French mobile operators win reprieve
May 31, 2005
by Website author

ART has agreed to hold back from imposing SMP obligations in the mobile sector until it analyses the impact of MVNOs. Read more...