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UAE assigns 26 GHz band to mobile operators
Sep 17, 2020
by Manuel R. Marti

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) regulator has assigned the 26 GHz band for 5G, becoming the first country in the Middle East to award mmWave spectrum. Read more...

Australia offers a new take on mmWave licensing and usage fees
Sep 03, 2020
by Richard Handford

Australian regulator ACMA is proposing a new type of licence to allocate part of the 26 and 28 GHz bands as well as a break with the past in terms of how it calculates annual usage fees for the two bands. Read more...

UK regulator updates advice on spectrum for rail passenger connectivity
Aug 19, 2020
by Dugie Standeford

Ofcom now believes the 39 GHz, 26 GHz and 66-71 GHz bands are the best for backhaul for Wi-Fi access points or mobile small cells. Read more...

Finland completes 26 GHz auction in less than a day
Jun 12, 2020
by Manuel R. Marti

Finland has assigned the upper portion of the 26 GHz band (25.1—27.5 GHz) to the country’s three mobile operators, raising €21 million in the process. Read more...

Norway auctions fixed links spectrum but warns of little demand for mmWave 5G bands
Jun 09, 2020
by Manuel R. Marti

Norway's regulator Nkom recently completed the renewal of several mmWave bands used for fixed links but warned there isn't a "clear market demand" for the 26 GHz band and other mmWave 5G bands. Read more...

Singapore and New Zealand turn away from auctions
May 26, 2020
by Richard Handford

The two Asia-Pacific countries recently awarded spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band without using an auction, albeit for different reasons. Read more...

Australia shows how 5G can substitute for fixed broadband
May 20, 2020
by Richard Handford

The country’s three mobile operators are either using 5G as an alternative to the fixed broadband monopoly run by the state-owned National Broadband Network (NBN) or are considering doing so. Read more...

Finland to press ahead with 26 GHz auction
May 14, 2020
by Manuel R. Marti

Finnish regulator Traficom is pressing ahead with plans for the country’s 26 GHz auction despite the disruptive impact of the coronavirus. Read more...

Sweden outlines rules for two 5G auctions
Apr 29, 2020
by Manuel R. Marti

Sweden’s regulator PTS has revealed more details on two upcoming spectrum auctions, which will assign spectrum for local use in the 3.5 and 26 GHz bands.  Read more...

Bhutan opts for “wait and see” 5G strategy
Mar 16, 2020
by Toby Youell

Bhutan has decided to make spectrum available for 5G trials in the 2.6, 3.5 and 26 GHz bands. Read more...