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mmWave: the transatlantic divide
Apr 12, 2019
by Martin Sims

5G services in mmWave bands have been as popular in the US as they are unpopular in Europe. Verizon is already providing home broadband using pre-standards 5G in 28 GHz in several US cities, with AT&T following close behind. In Europe, there are plenty of mmWave trials. However, the only… Read more...

Verizon policy overview: 5G is their priority

By the end of the year Verizon is promising to launch the first US commercial 5G network for fixed broadband services, followed by mobile 5G services next year. This may not be the world's first 5G commercial network  - both Finland and Qatar have claimed that prize - but their… Read more...

Viewpoint: US 5G gamble pays dividends while other countries procrastinate
Aug 13, 2018
by Martin Sims

Two years ago the US agreed the rules for 5G deployment and Verizon is promising to launch services this year. Elsewhere,  except South Korea, regulations have not been finalised and commercial services are not expected until at least 2020. Has the rest of the world got it wrong? Read more...