Running an Ascending Clock Auction (ACA)
How to program the parameters of the auction and the auction required by the auctioneer
Nov 16, 2016 by Martin Sims Managing Director


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How the auction will run

Once it has been set up, the auction is largely an automated process with very little for the auctioneer to do. This section explains the automatic processes and indicates where manual intervention is required.

New rounds

Once the administrator has set up the start time, the round length and the break duration the first round of the auction will start at the specified day and time.

The round will last for the specified time (typically an hour or half an hour) and close automatically. There will be a break of the indicated length and round two will start automatically. This will continue until supply meets demand and the auction ends.

Round prices

The price of the lot(s) will rise automatically by the specified increment at the start of each new round.

Eligibility points (EP)

If a participant fails to bid in a round, then their EP will be automatically reduced in the next round, wiht no need for intervention from the auctioneer. For example, if a participant makes the following bids, there will be an automatic reduction in their eligibility points, as indicated in the final column.

Round 800 MHz licences
demanded (5ep)
2.6 GHz licences
demanded (1 ep)
EP in that round 
1 1 3 8
2 1 3 8
3 1 2 8
4 1 1 7
5 0 1 6
6 0 1 1


Information available to the auctioneer

Once the auction is running, the auctioneer can see information about bidding behaviour via the status tab.