PolicyTracker website: saved password is wrong


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To delete an individual stored password in Internet Explorer

  • Start typing your username eg “m”
  • When the full
    username appears  as an option below eg “martin”  move the mouse over
    that so it is highlighted.
  • Hit the delete key and you should get
    a pop up box saying “Windows has a password stored for this username.
    Do you want to delete the username and password?”
  • Click yes.
  • You
    should then be able to save the correct username and password by
    entering them again and clicking the “Remember password” option. (Please
    note that you need to have the
    prompting feature enabled in the browser)

In Safari just enter the correct password and you will
get a pop-up box saying “This password is different. Would you like to
replace the saved password with this new one?” Click yes.

In Firefox the system is similar to Safari
or you can search for and delete individual passwords at
preferences/security/saved passwords