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How do I re-run the same auction?

Publish grab
In the top right drop-down take the auction back to “private” change the start time then re-publish.

Please note this will clear all the current bidding data!

How do I change round lengths manually?

The system is set up to run rounds of the same length,  but if an administrator changes the round length manually during the break period this will take effect from the next round

How do I change break times manually?

Same procedure as above, but make the change during a round.

How do I change the auction start time manually

Just make change the start time box, but bidder may have to refresh their screens to see the revised countdown.

How do I see what participants have bid?

status tab
Choose the status tab

The  “Auction starts in XX:XX hours” button is showing the wrong time

First refresh you’re screen and see if it changes, if not…sorry, this is a bug.

Retracting the auction then making a small change such as adding a character to the description box or changing the start time should clear the fault.