Creating an SMRA


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The unique features of the SMRA start with the Eligibility requirement, the other aspects are covered in the Common features for all auctions page.

Eligibility requirement

Eligibility requ

This is the percentage of their eligibility points a participant is required to bid in order to maintain their full eligibility in the next round. 

For example: 

  • If you enter 100 (i.e. 100%), this means that in order to maintain their current eligibility of 10 a participant must bid on lots totalling 10 eligibility points.
  • If you enter 50 (i.e. 50%), a participant with a current eligibility of 10 need only bid on lots totalling 5 eligibility points to maintain their full eligibility of 10 points.  
Normally this is set to 100, meaning that the most eligibility you can bid on in the current round is what you bid in the previous round.



Enter the number of waivers for each bidder here. This is the number of rounds a participant can miss without losing eligibility points. If a bidder submits a waiver that means they may “sit this round out” and recommence their bidding in the next round not having lost any eligibility. If one waiver is allowed they will be able to do this just once, if two waivers are allowed they will be able to do this twice.

Lots and spectrum caps


Here you enter the lots, or what is being sold. They need to be clearly distinguishable e.g. Five lots of 800 MHz named 800 MHz A, 800 MHz B, etc. Also enter the starting price, the increment and the number of eligibility points for each lot. 

If you want to set a spectrum cap divide the lots into categories using letters of the alphabet; also indicate whether this is a paired band and the band size. (If you are selling 10 MHz paired, enter 10 in the bandwidth box and tick “paired” and the software will treat it as 20 MHz)

In the Spectrum Caps section immediately below the Lots section specify the maximum bandwidth which can be bought in each category.