Common features for all auctions


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Creating an auction

Go to the Auctions tab on your site, select the “Add new” drop down on the far right and choose from:
  • Ascending Clock Auctions (ACAs) 
  • Combinatorial Clock Auctions (CCAs)
  • Simultaneous Multiple Round Auctions (SMRAs), 

Common administrative features

Which ever auction type you choose, the first seven elements are common to all auction types
  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Auction start time
  4. Price units
  5. Bidders
  6. Round duration
  7. Break duration
Some of these are self explanatory, but more details are given below:


Choose a short title which indicates what is on sale. E.g. 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz auction 


Here you can give brief details about what is being sold, eg 2 x 10 MHz paired at 800 Mhz and 5 x 20 MHz paired at 2.6 GHz This is helpful if you are doing many test auctions as it can aid in distinguishing between them.

Auction start time

start time

Enter date and start time of the auction here. Specify the time-zone using the final drop down. 

Price units

Price units

You can specify any price unit here. Please note that you may reduce the number of zeros by specifying that the auction is being held in millions or thousands of dollars


add bidder

Enter the user IDs here and the eligibility points for each bidder. Only the bidders specified above will be able to see the auction and participate in it. Please note that the user ID is case sensitive and must exactly correspond to the user name set up by the administrator.

Round duration

Break duration


Enter the length of the round here, in minutes, as well as the length of the break, also in minutes.

Starting the auction

Publish grab

When you create the auction it is in “Private” mode. This means only yourself and other administrators will be able to see it. To publish the auction and to allow the bidder to see it you choose “Publish” in the drop down menu at the top right of the page.

Once published the auction will start at the time you set above.

Distinctive features of the different auction formats

The different auctions have specific features and would also use common features such as lots and spectrum caps in a different manner. These issues are dealt with in the specific pages devoted to each auction type.