To save energy, the telecoms industry needs accurate measurements of its energy use

Reducing energy use is becoming more and more critical for the telecoms industry. That's not just because it's better for the environment but also because it's better for the bottom line at a time when energy prices are soaring worldwide.

| Jonathan Watson

In addition, while 5G may be more energy-efficient than 4G, adding 5G to existing networks will actually increase operators’ overall energy use.

Over the last 10 years, the ITU has developed several recommendations to guide the telecoms industry towards more energy-efficient operations. Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN), an organisation led by mobile network operators (MNOs), has also published a paper on the topic.

EU regulators’ body BEREC has produced a study of the standards, protocols and guidelines that companies use to monitor the sustainability of their operations or their electronic communications.

In a new research note, which has been added to our “Greening spectrum policy” dossier, we provide a guide to all this work and more. The research note is available to Spectrum Research Service subscribers here.

Updated versions of our profiles of key mobile network operators, including the latest information on what they are doing to reduce their environmental impact, will be available next week•


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