Strategic advice on EMF messaging
Feb 04, 2021 by PolicyTracker


TagsEMF, EMF messaging

In association with Epoch Strategic Communications, PolicyTracker can help improve your messaging on EMF issues.

Which audiences should you be targeting? How can you reach them? How can you build trust? How should this integrate into wider communications and organisational strategies? How should you address health concerns? What can be done about conspiracy theories on social media?

We can offer a range of techniques to address these issues, including

  • Stakeholder Analysis workshops leading to recommendations for developmental programmes
  • Communications Gap Analysis study, considering the strengths and weaknesses of current strategies and  providing recommendations for the future
  • Development of Communication Toolkits, offering objectives, strategies and resources to build meaningful and consistent campaigns
  • Recommendations for Corporate Social Responsibility programmes


To discuss this in more detail please contact Martin Sims: or 020 7100 2875.