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Sep 15, 2011

Mexico ponders “paradigm shift” in spectrum policy

Mexico’s regulators are considering how spectrum policy can play its part in making a highly concentrated market more competitive. – ‎09/09/2011‎

Social benefits first in 2.5 GHz

En banda de 2.5 GHz, primero utilidad social

In the case of the 2.5-megahertz band the most important factor should be the social benefits not the potential tax revenues,  said Eduardo Perez Motta, president of the Competition Commission.


Noticias MVS – 16/092011 

Tax collection in spectrum auctions: striking a balance

Se debe equilibrar fin recaudatorio en licitaciones de espectro

In future spectrum auctions should strike a balance between tax collection and social benefits 

(Also reprinted in Terra Colombia )


El – ‎08/09/2011‎

High concentration of spectrum generates poor mobile services: CFC

Alta concentración del espectro genera malos servicios móviles: CFC

The inefficiencies presented by the mobile sector in Mexico are associated with high levels of concentration and by poor distribution of the spectrum, so the government must promptly tender more frequencies.


Etcétera – ‎09/09/2011‎

Operators to share their networks: CFC

Operadores, a compartir sus redes: CFC

At the Latin American Spectrum Conference 2011, the president of the Federal Competition Commission, Eduardo Perez Motta said companies that have government concessions can be required to share infrastructure.


‎El – 8 Sep 2011 

Experts call for more spectrum for telecom

Expertos piden más espectro en telecom

Authorities, operators and experts agreed on the urgent need for more spectrum capacity to meet increased demand expected in mobile broadband services.


Prensario.Net – 14/09/2011 

Mexico: Cofetel starts project to open new digital TV channels

México: Cofetel retoma proyecto de apertura de nuevos canales ‎

The Federal Telecommunications Commission (Cofetel) is working to begin the process of bidding for two new digital television networks in Mexico, after the completion of the technical studies for the release of the spectrum.


Israel Rosas 12/9/2011

Conferencia Latinoamericana del Espectro 2011

Latin American Spectrum Conference 2011 


Richard Womersley, Helios 15/9/2011

Spectrum: Latin America wants more!

Martin Sims, PolicyTracker 19/9/2011

How much heavy lifting can spectrum policy do?


The presentation by Mexico’s  Minister of Transport and Communications, Dionisio Pérez-Jácome, Mexico is available on YouTube  along with an a copy of his speech.


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