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Spectrum Research Service: L-Band is getting wider

Continuing our analysis of current mobile bands in the Spectrum Research Service, we look at the gradual progress towards extending L-Band.  Read more...

New EC competence remains question mark for future negotiations
Apr 26, 2018
by Manuel R. Marti

The European Commission (EC) has welcomed the verdict from Europe’s highest court that dictates which legal form the Council of the EU should follow to adopt a joint European position when dealing with international organisations like the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Read more...

50 – 60 GHz (2017 entry)
Oct 18, 2017
by Patrick Gahan

The ITU approved for further study just a single 5G band in 50-60 GHz. Industry is treating this as a lower priority than other neighbouring bands. Read more...

80 – 90 GHz (2017 entry)
Oct 12, 2017
by Patrick Gahan

81-86 GHz is likely to be identified as a future 5G band - it is being studied by the ITU and has been proposed for release in the USA. Few voices have been raised in opposition but the band lacks strong advocates in the vendor community. Read more...

Hearing in Commission vs Council WRC-15 case due in May
Feb 16, 2017
by Kane Mumford

A hearing due to take place at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on 2 May will provide the basis for a ruling on just how much influence the European Commission should have over international spectrum bargaining positions. Read more...

Commission v Council WRC-15 case to be heard early next year
Nov 21, 2016
by Kane Mumford

An exact date has not been set but PolicyTracker understands the written stage of proceedings is now closed and a reporting judge has been selected. Read more...

600 MHz (2017 entry)
Oct 05, 2016
by Jonathan Watson

The success of the US incentive auction and the wider mobile allocation given to 600 MHz at WRC-15 means that mobile usage in this band will increase, but that is likely to be a long-term process, considering the widespread broadcasting use and opposition in Europe and Africa. Read more...

70 – 80 GHz (2017 entry)
Sep 06, 2016
by Patrick Gahan

The ITU has identified 66-76 GHz as a candidate 5G band. With studies ongoing and the backing of major administrations and industry players the 66-76 GHz band has good potential and is up for further discussion at WC-19. The 70-80 GHz is already used for backhaul and fixed link services. Read more...

European regulators sceptical about legally binding negotiating position at WRCs
Jul 18, 2016
by Kane Mumford

Asked about the European Commission’s decision to take legal action against the European Council over member states’ WRC-15 negotiating position, representatives of CEPT and the French spectrum agency ANFR said the current system was working well. Read more...

Rancy and others defend ITU processes for WRCs
Jun 27, 2016
by Kane Mumford

Following a discussion at the 11th Spectrum Management Conference in Brussels last week, director of the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau François Rancy responded (along with other ITU representatives) to criticisms of ITU processes with regard to world radio conferences (WRCs). Read more...