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Decade-defining moments for spectrum policy
Dec 30, 2019
by PolicyTracker

What were the key events which shaped spectrum management over the past ten years? We asked PolicyTracker staff and they gave a wide range of answers, including the growth of spectrum sharing, the US incentive auction, social networking going mobile and the banning of Huawei. Read more...

End of US incentive auction will boost TV white space, says DSA
Apr 05, 2018
by Martin Sims

Interest in the technology is growing now the conclusion of US 600 MHz auction is bringing regulatory certainty, says Kalpak Gude, President of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance, in an interview with PolicyTracker. Read more...

What motivates OTT players’ approach to spectrum?
Oct 06, 2017
by Martin Sims

The OTT players offer services over the internet not access to it, so their priorities in spectrum policy are different to vendors or operators, whose business is the provision of infrastructure.  Read more...

Sep 15, 2017
by Jonathan Watson

India's huge potential as a 5G market looks likely to remain untapped for some time. Operators are still struggling to improve access to 4G and few 5G tests are under way. Read more...

May 30, 2017
by PolicyTracker

India is gradually making more spectrum available, but LTE has not made much progress yet and mobile operators are resentful of the amounts they have had to spend on licences in recent years. Read more...

Feb 24, 2017
by Jonathan Watson

Brazil is a huge market, but the country now faces major challenges that could make life very difficult for its mobile industry. 5G tests are being carried out in Brazil but the country has not been a major player in discussions and does not plan to make 28 GHz available. Read more...

Google 2016
Sep 26, 2016
by Dugie Standeford

Internet giant Google is a strong proponent of unlicensed spectrum, sharing and dynamic spectrum access. It has urged the wireless industry to work together on coordination and coexistence mechanisms. Read more...